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“Ducky”: The Nickname

If you didn’t already know, you may be wondering why this blog is called “Ducky’s Always Hungry”.  Or who the heck “Ducky” is.

Well, Ducky is me.  My real name is Alisa (learn more about me under Getting to Know Alisa).  Ducky is actually a nickname that I acquired a number of years back.  Many moons ago, when I was about to start college, I needed to come up with an email address for school.  I didn’t like the assigned address I was given because it was limited to a certain number of characters, and of course, my last name didn’t fit into the maximum character count.  So, I needed to come up with something different and unique.

My roots are in Orange County, California and I have a passion for hockey, specifically for my hometown Anaheim Ducks, or Mighty Ducks of Anaheim as they were known at that time.  So, I combined my love for hockey and my fun-loving attitude into an email address that I thought fit my personality and eventually turned into a nickname.  The combination I came up with is a variation on the phrase “just ducky”.  Kind of like “peachy keen” or “happy-go-lucky”.  I’m just ducky!

Through the years, Ducky has kind of always stuck around.  And through various message boards and websites, I became known as Ducky.

Now, why is Ducky always hungry?  For years, I’ve taken photos of food, mostly when I traveled.  People around me always thought it was the oddest thing for me to take photos of the meals I was about to eat when I was on vacation.  But I thought to myself, if the meal turns out to be really, really good, how am I ever going to remember it if I don’t preserve it in the form of a photo.  And when I would return from vacation and post vacation photos online, I’d get the most comments and compliments on the food photos I’d taken.  A few years back, when I became more active on Facebook, I started posting my food photos (including home-made food, not just travel food) into Facebook photo albums that were titled “I’m Always Hungry”.  People would comment to me that they’d always get hungry just looking at my photos.

So, it seemed only natural when I decided to start a blog to tell the stories behind the photos and the food that I call it Ducky’s Always Hungry, because really, I am always hungry!

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