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November 2, 2016

During our 5 day stay in Sydney, we stayed at the Sheraton on the Park, right across the street from Hyde Park.  With only a 10-15 minute walk to get us into Circular Quay where the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge is located, our hotel was in the perfect part of town, within walking distance to almost everything we needed to do and everywhere we needed to be.  During our stay at the hotel, their morning buffet breakfast was included in our hotel package, which made for a great way for us to start our full day of sightseeing.


Appropriately enough, the hotel’s restaurant where morning buffet breakfast was served daily is called Feast.  And perhaps more than any other buffet breakfast from any other hotel, the Sheraton on the Park’s buffet breakfast really was a feast.  Serving a large crowd on a daily basis, the restaurant’s dining room is massive, and their buffet stations are spread out and numerous.


As we were seated by the hot food station, let’s start with the various hot food options available to diners.  The same food wasn’t served each and every day, to add a little variety, but there were some favorites that definitely served daily.  Who doesn’t like to have eggs Benedict for breakfast when you’re not the one making it yourself?


Lots of hot veggie options including steamed broccoli, butternut squash and breakfast potatoes.


Baked beans always seem to be a very popular breakfast option at a lot of buffet breakfasts I go to, even though I’ve never really heard of baked beans being consumed for breakfast.  There was also some sort of mushroom quiche as well.


Then there’s everyone’s favorite, or maybe just my husband’s, scrambled eggs.  And of course, the ever popular sausage.  Hard to serve hot breakfast without eggs and sausage.


How about some roasted tomatoes, which I personally like.  More sausage, and of course, probably one of the most popular breakfast items, bacon.  Bacon makes everything better?


Over in the corner, there was a station where you could get omelets made-to-order, along with fried eggs and eggs over easy.  There also hard boiled eggs.  Then there was a warming station that featured tarts, croissants and pizza slices for those looking for something a little different.  This station also featured a make-your-own-noodle station where you could pick up a bowl, load it with the noodles you wanted along with other additions such as spinach, and protein options such as chicken and tofu.  Then you hand the bowl to the cook behind the counter who then would cook your noodles for you and then put the cooked noodles back in your bowl along with a few ladles of broth to make noodles.


Something I’ve never seen before was pancakes right next to boneless chicken tenders.  Perhaps this is Sydney’s version of chicken and waffles?  Of course there were the usual condiments of butter and maple syrup, but there was also peanut butter, which I didn’t quite understand, especially since we weren’t anywhere near the bread section of the buffet.  Also, there was a chilled freezer for ice cream right next to the pancakes.  So you could make a more dessert breakfast with pancakes and ice cream.


Plain yogurt along with Greek yogurt with accompaniments such as macerated berries, peaches, lychees, raisins, brown sugar, prunes and mixed fruit salad was offered.  Also, containers of yogurt were also offered if you wanted speciality fruit yogurt.


One neat item I haven’t seen at other buffets before was an actual honeycomb.  Rather than getting honey out of a jar or a bottle, you could cut honey from an actual honeycomb.


There was a selection of fresh cheeses and crackers.  And there was also cottage cheese and cream cheese as well.


Of course, you also have to have your selection of cold cut meats and smoked salmon, tartar sauce, capers, pickles tomatoes and red onions.  And if you wanted a simple salad, there were greens and balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Also crudités in the form of celery sticks, carrot sticks and dressing.


An entirely separate section of the buffet featured all sorts of fresh cut and whole fruit.  You’ve got passion fruit, cantaloupe, bananas, oranges, applies, kiwi, honeydew, grapes and apricots.  If fresh fruit is how you want to start your day, you’ve got an unlimited selection here.


Cold cereal options were plentiful with 6 different types of cereal to choose from.  There was also oatmeal as well.  Everything you could possibly imagine would be offered for breakfast could be found here at Feast.


The last section of the buffet was the bread section featuring toasters that could be filled with all sorts of sliced bread: white, wheat, sourdough, French, and more.  There was also pound cake and a whole selection of different muffins and banana bread.  You’ve also got croissants, Danishes, cinnamon roles, buns and bagels.  And you’ve got your selection of jams, butter, nutella and any other type of spread you could want to put on your breads and pastries.


The Feast breakfast buffet was so bountiful and plentiful.  There were so many choices, I didn’t know where to begin.  After making a decision on an omelet some potatoes and some bacon I decided to come back to the table to pace myself.  This was going to be one filling meal that would surely last me the day.  The nice thing at Feast is that you don’t have to just have orange juice or coffee for breakfast, but you can also have a speciality coffee drink, so I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to enjoy a nice latte for breakfast.  After round 1, it was time to round out breakfast with a plate of fresh cut fruit, but believe me, there was a day that I decided that pancakes with ice cream would be great for breakfast.  I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity for ice cream for breakfast.

Feast offered everything that you could want to enjoy for breakfast.  There was hot food, pastries, a noodle bar, cereal, fresh fruit, pizza and even ice cream.  What more could you want to load up on energy for a full day of sightseeing to come?  Feast really was one of the best buffet breakfasts offered at a hotel anywhere in the world that I’ve ever been to.

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