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The Terrace – Westin Tokyo

September 26, 2016

After flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo, we had 48 hours on the ground in Tokyo.  There was lot we wanted to do, and there are tons of things to do, we had to make the most of our time in this crazy, vibrant, and historic city.  Part of maximizing our time was to start our day with a filling breakfast at our hotel so that we could hit the ground running without having to worry about trying to go out and find food.  After all, breakfast was already included with our hotel stay, so we might as well take advantage of it.  For our short 2 nights in Tokyo, my husband had booked us into the Westin Tokyo, which we just loved for its large rooms, which in Tokyo is huge, and its amazing location in a quieter part of Tokyo, but still only one train stop away from Shibuya and the heart of  Tokyo.


Breakfast in the mornings was at the Westin Tokyo’s restaurant, The Terrace, located in the lobby level of the hotel.  The breakfast set up was buffet-style with an amazing amount of offerings.  Being that we were in Tokyo, the breakfast buffet consisted of both Eastern and Western food options, which was amazing.  For those of us from the West, it was an opportunity to see and sample Eastern breakfast food options and vice versa.


One entire section of the buffet set up was just various drink offerings.   At the table, coffee and tea was offered.  And it wasn’t just coffee, we could choose from espressos or lattes or any other fancy coffee drink we wanted.  At the drink bar, there was milk, orange juice, tomato juice, grapefruit juice, mango juice and green juice.


There was also fresh made smoothies as well with various fresh fruits as well for a healthy alternative.  And there was actually fresh-squeezed orange juice as well, which my husband totally appreciated.  It was nice to see more than just orange juice and coffee being offered.


When you first approach the buffet, there was an amazing bread and pastry offering.  I’ve never seen a larger array of bread options at any breakfast buffet and I loved it.  There was fresh sliced white bread, wheat bread and cinnamon raisin bread along with a toaster.  There were sesame seed rolls and poppyseed rolls and even soft baked pretzels.  My husband enjoyed the flaky croissants and there was even chocolate croissants.  Pastries and Danishes were also offered, lemon filled, berry filled along with muffins and rolls.  Fresh butter slices, various flavored jams and jellies were also offered to complete the ensemble.


Smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes, fresh green leaf lettuce, lemon wedges and thin-sliced red onions were also offered for cold options.  Fruit salad, fresh pineapple, and apple slices and prunes as well.  Additionally, there was apples, pears and bananas as more fruit options.


Additional cold items included various cereals, muesli and yogurt.  Muesli is a very popular European breakfast option and I think oats, muesli, and oatmeal were welcomed options.  Nonfat yogurt, strawberry yogurt, blueberry yogurt and 4 kinds of berry yogurt were offered.  Japanese natto, which is fermented soybean, was quite a popular option for the Japanese guests staying at the hotel.


One thing I saw at this buffet that I hadn’t seen at other buffets previously was a selection of soups.  There was Japanese mushroom soup, minestrone soup and vegetable tomato soup.  This was also where the egg station was with hard and soft boiled eggs, and then a chef who was making fried eggs as well as made-to-order omelets.


For those looking for sweeter breakfast options, there was bread pudding and French Toast squares.  To accompany the French Toast squares, there was pineapple sauce, maple syrup, and chocolate syrup.  The French Toast squares were delicious, super crunchy on the outside, and fluffy and delicious on the inside.


Hot food options included scrambled eggs and sausages.


Vegetables included sautéed corn and green peas, sautéed tomatoes, zucchini and peppers and steamed broccoli.  Am I the only person excited to see steamed broccoli at breakfast?


The meat station featured bacon, ham and fresh sliced thick slab pork belly.


Amazingly, even pasta was offered.  Tomato sauce pasta with capers.  This almost felt more like a lunch buffet rather than a breakfast buffet.


However, surprisingly, the section of the buffet that my husband and I enjoyed the most was the hot Asian offerings.  On the first day we dined at The Terrace, the Asian offerings included a hot pot tofu and vegetable soup and a white fish teriyaki.  On the second day we dined at The Terrace, the tofu soup was replaced with stir fried noodles.  Miso soup was also offered along with steamed white rice.  My husband and I both loved the white fish teriyaki, and I think we both got a couple of filets of white fish during both breakfast meals we had at the hotel.  We both also enjoyed the stir fried noodles.

Generally, when traveling, breakfast at various hotels often tends to be the same, offering the same kinds of food in the same kind of set up.  And while a morning meal is always appreciated as a good jump start to a day of sightseeing, the breakfast we had at The Terrace at the Westin Tokyo gave us a little extra pep in our step.  My husband and I loved having the hot Asian breakfast options: the white fish teriyaki, the steamed white rice, the miso soup and the stir fried noodles. We would have been happy with just these options, but then there was fresh squeezed orange juice, so many different types of fresh bread and pastries and the usual eggs and bacon and sausage that we walked away from breakfast each morning stuffed to the gills and ready to go out and conquer Tokyo.

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