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MaSo Breakfast

June 7, 2016

During our Christmas trip to San Francisco, we chose to stay at the Park Central Hotel San Francisco (formerly the Westin Market Street San Francisco).  As part of our room package, we were given breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant each day of our stay.  Admittedly, hotel breakfast packages can be hit or miss.  Most of the time, we’re not even expecting it to be much, we’re just hoping for there to be some toast, pastries, maybe some fruit and some bacon and eggs would be nice.  Just something to get us going for the day and fuel us up for the sightseeing plans that lay ahead of us.

At the Park Central, their breakfasts are served daily in their restaurant, MaSo.  This is actually a play on the word “SoMa” which stands for south of Market Street, which is where the hotel is located.  This probably made more sense when the hotel was named the Westin Market Street rather than the Park Central.  When we arrived at MaSo the morning of our first day at the hotel, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised at the breakfast options available to us.  It was a buffet breakfast that was artfully laid out and plentifully stocked with all of the goodies you’d expect to see in a higher-end hotel breakfast offering.


There was a section of cold dishes, such as sliced cheese and cold cuts along with smoked salmon and all of the fixings.  There were various cheese selections including blue cheese, cheddar cheese and brie to name a few.  The smoked salmon included sliced cucumbers and sliced lemons and sliced tomatoes to make a nice bagel sandwich.  And the cold cuts were also numerous enough to make a sandwich to fill you up.



Various kinds of chilled yogurt was on hand for those looking for a light and healthy breakfast.  Or various types of milk to go with a selection of different cereals for kids or those who are kids at heart.


And plenty of pastries to fuel your morning as well.  There were Danishes, and hot cross buns, and croissants, and chocolate croissants, and cinnamon rolls, and muffins and even marble loaf to choose from.  And there was a selection of breads – raisin, white, wheat, etc. – that you could toast up along with a variety of different flavored jams to spread on the toast.


Coffee and tea could be ordered from the wait staff, and milk could be obtained at the buffet.  But they also put out a selection of fresh fruit juices including apple, carrot and pomegranate.  That’s a healthy selection of drinks.  Of course, there was also orange juice.  What is a breakfast without orange juice being offered.  there was also grapefruit juice and a couple of fresh fruit smoothie selections as well; strawberry and peach.  A bright and vibrant way to start the morning.


Moving on to the hot food selection, you can’t have breakfast without eggs.  There was a pot chock full of scrambled eggs which my husband appreciated very much.  Nothing screams breakfast to him like scrambled eggs.  If you didn’t like scrambled eggs, you could get hard or soft boiled eggs as well.


There was meats in the form of bacon, chicken apple sausage and ham along with grilled items such as grilled tomatoes.  Give me some bacon and toast in the morning for breakfast and I can be happy.


Skillet potatoes made with onions were also plentiful, and they were good too.  I think I pretty much filled up just on these potatoes.  I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl after all.


And if you’re still looking for carbs, there was French toast.  Thick cut brioche bread dipped in batter and grilled to perfection.  Add a little butter and maple syrup and you’re all set.


And if this is still all too much for you, you can go completely healthy and just go for a plate of the fresh cut fruit that was being offered. Mixed berries, including strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, served alongside some cottage cheese or whipped cream.  There was also fresh cut papaya, watermelon, pineapple, grapefruit segments and cantaloupe.  Hard to pass up the sweetness of some delicious fresh cut, ripe, juice fruit.

The breakfast here at MaSo were so plentiful and varied that there seemed to be at least a little bit for everyone’s tastes.  My husband and I agreed that this had to be one of the better hotel breakfast packages we’ve ever been treated to.  At times in the past, we’ve even declined to go to take advantage of the included hotel breakfast because it just wasn’t very good or plentiful.  But, at MaSo, my husband and I reveled in the 2 breakfast meals we were able to partake in.  Both days, we left the restaurant stuffed and fueled up for the day.  What I really appreciated was that they had so many different options from a nice hot breakfast to a more reasonable continental breakfast.  This was exactly what we were looking for in order to get us going on our day of sightseeing around the city.

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