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How “Suite” It Is At An LA Kings Game

May 5, 2016

I’ve been lucky enough to be treated to a night in a luxury suite, and all the perks that come with it, at Staples Center in Los Angeles during a Los Angeles Kings game.  The first two times (Los Angeles Kings Game Luxury Suite and Living the Suite Life (Again!)) were courtesy of being invited as part of a work event for my husband and were hosted by the same business contacts.  Last year, my husband’s company was lucky enough to be hosted at a luxury suite at a LA Kings Game again, but this time by a different business contact, who hosted us in a much bigger suite where more people were present and everything just seemed bigger and more grand.


First off, instead of just having access to coolers with all sorts of sodas, bottled water and beer and wine, we actually had a hosted bar with a bartender for the evening pouring any and all drinks that everyone inside the suite wanted.  Red wine, white wine, several different kinds of beers, and soda among others were our choices for beverages for the night.


Our hosts provided us with amazing food choices for the evening.  There were quick and easy finger foods such as fresh vegetables, including celery sticks, carrot sticks, broccoli, cucumber, grape tomatoes, bell peppers and rainbow-colored cauliflower with ranch dressing and hummus.  Or there was bean dip and various types of chips to use to scoop up the bean dip.


More quick and easy snacks such as tortilla chips and potato chips with fresh guacamole, corn salsa, tomato salsa and sour cream.


Then there was a cheese and charcuterie plate with different cheeses, a selection of sliced, cured meats, and some honey, preserves and some crackers and bread as well.


We had coleslaw, salad with cucumbers, red onions, olives, tomatoes, cheese and chicken with dressing on the side, as well as crostini with fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil and olive tapenade as light starters.


On to the food of the night, there were bbq chicken drumsticks and wings.  Those were really popular.  Hearty, and delicious, yet easy enough to eat, and really, the kind of food you think of when you think of eating at a sporting event.


Baked beans with sausage, which I absolutely loved, and mac and cheese with a terrific crunchy panko topping.  My husband really enjoyed the mac and cheese, and I noticed that was one of the first dishes to go.  I guess mac and cheese is just one of those comfort foods that everyone loves.  These were just the sides for the main course of the evening.


The main entree for dinner was a big hit with everyone, pulled pork and pulled beef brisket to go with some sandwich buns.  Essentially, we had a bbq meal.  And the pulled brisket was terrific, just a little spice, and perfectly cooked and tender.  I had to have a couple of pulled brisket sandwiches.


There were also hot dogs and chicken fingers for those who weren’t quite feeling the bbq theme of the evening.  Again, it was like being at a sporting event tailgate with a bunch of terrific, delicious, and easy-to-eat food.


And then finally, there was a pan of cast iron cornbread.  Who doesn’t love corn bread with their bbq meal?


Towards the end of the first period, we had the highlight the evening.  The dessert cart.  When you watch a sporting event at Staples Center from the luxury suite levels, at some point during the evening, a dessert cart is pushed to your suite and its the one thing that tears everyone’s attention away from the sporting event.  The desert cart is exactly how it sounds, a cart filled with all the different, delicious, desserts that you could ever want, and it’s all yours to choose from and enjoy.  As much, or as little, as you want.  But, let’s be realistic, who can resist?


Let’s start with the cakes.  And there’s lot and lots of cake.  The red velvet cake is a popular selection among many.  There was a chocolate paradise cake with crushed nuts crusted on the outside.  How about the chocolate mocha cake?  That looked terrific.  There was a Chicago-style cheese cake as well.  There was an absolutely decadent peanut butter cup, chocolate brownie stack cake.   That’s all the chocolate and peanut butter that anyone could handle.  For those who aren’t chocolate fans, there was a six layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  They all sounded so good.  And if you wanted, you could have gotten a slice of each of them.


But the dessert cart wasn’t just about the cakes.  There were cookies and candies and ice cream.  There were bags of M&M’s and gummy bears and sour patch kids.  It’s my husband’s tradition to always get a bag of gummy bears, and that’s what his choice for the evening from the dessert cart was.  There were chocolate cups on the dessert cart along with some rum and some Bailey’s for the adults that wanted a more adult dessert.  There was at least one person in our group who took advantage of a shot of Bailey’s in a chocolate cup.  There were various cookies including chocolate chip and Reese’s peanut butter cups.  There were candied caramel apples as well as caramel apples with crushed peanuts as well.  If you got one of the apples, they’d slice them up for you as well so you could share it.  There were bars of rice krispie treats and chocolate brownie bars, and toffee crunch blondie bars.  And there were waffle cones, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, butterscotch and maraschino cherries as the makings for some awesome sundaes using the vanilla ice cream stored in the dessert cart’s freezer.


I’m an ice cream fan, so I couldn’t resist getting a sundae.  However, instead of using the waffle cones, they had miniature LA King’s plastic helmets, which is what I chose for my ice cream sundae.  Two scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles.  Yes, please.  It was so good, and large enough that my husband and I were able to share the helmet ice cream sundae.


Once you’ve enjoyed an LA Kings game in a luxury suite, it’s hard to ever go back to just being a fan in the stands.  The goodies that came with hanging out in a suite, with a hosted bar, all the food you could ever want, and the dessert cart, make you feel like you’re living the high life.  Good game, great seats for the game, good food, good company, and a happy ending on the ice make for such a fun atmosphere with friends.

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