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One-O-One Restaurant Breakfast

December 30, 2015

Our very brief, but memorable, 24 hours in London included a nice and plentiful breakfast the next morning at our hotel.  Serving daily breakfast at the One-O-One Restaurant, appropriately named due to the hotel’s street address of 101 Knightsbridge, the Park Tower Knightsbridge serves a full buffet breakfast featuring both a mixture of hot and cold food daily.


The buffet breakfast is actually made up of two separate areas.  There’s a separate room you can walk right into where you find your traditional hot dishes filled with various eggs, meats and breads.


For the egg lovers, there were three different types of eggs being served: scrambled, which my husband really likes, hard boiled, which is my personal favorite, and sunny side up eggs.  Of course, it’s a buffet, so you could try all three if you were that hungry.


All of the hot food offerings are ones you’d expect at any breakfast buffet here in the States.  You’ve got bacon and breakfast sausages.


There was sautéed mushrooms and hash browns.


Baked beans and roasted tomatoes.  I don’t know why I never think of roasting tomatoes at home for breakfast because I love them.  When I go to a breakfast buffet that serves roasted tomatoes, I always have to have one.


And then there were silver dollar pancakes which the hotel called “American pancakes” and cinnamon French toast with all of the fixings of warm maple syrup and powdered sugar.


But what I loved the most about the hotel’s breakfast selection was their bread display.  There was all sorts of toast – white, wheat, you name it – dinner rolls, cinnamon raisin bread, sourdough bread, they had it all.


And there was a huge display of all sorts of and flavors of jams and jelly you could ever want with your bread.  All these cute little bottles which included syrup for the pancakes and French toast, nutella spread, bottles of honey, and jams that included black currant, orange marmalade, raspberry, and strawberry.


Then there were the pastries!  Croissants and chocolate croissants, little cheese Danishes and other pastries, fresh baked banana bread, and then blueberry muffins and cornbread muffins.  You could definitely load up on your carbs here.


Outside of this room, there was a whole other table set up with all sorts of cold selections for your breakfast dining pleasure.  There was orange juice and grapefruit juice.  A display of fresh fruits which included apples, oranges and bananas.  There was also cold cuts, and my husband’s favorite smoked salmon!  And there was cute glass jars of fresh yogurt.


If you wanted cereal instead, there were a few different types of cereal to choose from with all sorts of toppings of dried fruit for your cereal as well


And there were pre-made fruit smoothies, which I had to try and found delicious.  There was also fresh cut fruit such as watermelon and cantaloupe and other fruit such as grapes.  This breakfast buffet had it all.

There were so many options that even the pickiest of eaters was bound to find something they liked.  I personally liked the bread options and the delicious salty undercooked bacon, just the way I like it.  This was really all we needed to get our morning started, and we didn’t have to walk any further than the restaurant in the hotel to get a good morning’s breakfast.

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  1. thehomemakerslife permalink
    December 31, 2015 11:25 am

    Looks like the perfect place for me!

  2. January 5, 2016 7:34 am

    I’m sure your trip is/was memorable and I’ll enjoy following along. Wishing you both happiness in the year ahead.

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