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Atticus Creamery & Pies

October 12, 2015

One day at work, in the afternoon, a colleague disappeared for a few minutes and then came back to the office carrying a see-through plastic container.  Inside the container were these gorgeous-looking mini pies, almost like hand pies.  I’d never seen anything like them before and all of them looked delectable.  He was telling us that he just picked up the pies from his girlfriend who was driving by the area after having picked up some pies to go and she dropped them off for him to share with all of us.  When I asked where the pies were from, he mentioned a pie shop I’d never heard of before, but was really close to where I lived.  Of course, I immediately went to look this place up online and I couldn’t help but make a stop there after work to check out this place for myself.


Located across the street from Westside Pavillion, Atticus Creamery & Pies is a small little shop that sells pies and ice cream.  Everything is made fresh daily, in store, in small batches uses quality ingredients in a variety of delectable flavors.  Having only opened in the latter half of 2014, Atticus has now expanded to a second location nearby The Grove in the Mid-City district.


When you walk inside the store, you see just how small, but cute and quaint the store is.  The storefront is in the front half of the space, and the kitchen where all of the pies and ice creams are made is in the back half of the space.  There are two large glass-fronted display cases that dominate the tiny space.  On the wall to the right, using chalkboard paint, the daily pie and ice cream offering is written up for all to see.  The front display case shows off all of the little mini pies that the store is selling on that particular day.  The beautiful colors, and the small, cute size of the pies really just draws you in.


In a perpendicular display case is freezer with all of the small batch ice cream flavors available on that day.  Admittedly, when I showed up at the store, I was only interested in the pies as the plan was to pick up a couple and take them to go with me.  However, when I looked at the ice cream, I just couldn’t resist.  Can you blame me?  I love my ice cream.  To entice me, the flavors being offered when I arrived at Atticus Creamery & Pies were: lemon lavender, red velvet, york peppermint, brown sugar apple pie, cereal & milk, raspberry sorbet, cookies n’ cream, honeycomb, orange limeade sorbet, sweet corn, strawberry sorbet, nutella ferrero rocher, brownie a la mode, caramel macchiato, blackberry coconut, potato chip coconut, banana chocolate peanut butter and peppermint chocolate.  As I was eyeing up the ice cream, the clerk behind the counter offered me a sample of the brown sugar apple pie.  Admittedly, I’m not an apple pie fan, but I felt bad that he had scooped me a spoonful that I didn’t want to tell him I wasn’t interested.  Surprisingly, the ice cream was delicious.  I could taste the brown sugar and the cinnamon and the apple and it was a terrific combination, not to sweet, but with enough flavor and enough creaminess.  I think that convinced me that I need to give some of the ice cream a try along with the pies.


Can you figure out from the list of ice cream flavors which one might have interested me?  That’s right, I had to get a small scoop of the banana chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  Remember, I’m the girl that can’t resist banana-flavored anything.  The ice cream was so incredibly creamy, I loved it.  It tasted more like chocolate peanut butter rather than banana.  The banana flavor in the ice cream is so subtle, but after a few spoonfuls, you finally pick it up.  What I like about small batch, home made ice cream, and what Atticus Creamery & Pies does so well is give you that really thick, rich, creamy ice cream.  It was so dense and thick, you could barely scoop up a spoonful to eat.  Perfect consistency, and terrific creative flavors.


But I went to Atticus Creamery & Pies for the miniature hand pies, not the ice cream.  So let’s get down to business.  Like the ice cream, the pies are all hand made on the premises in the tiny kitchen in the back of the store.  Everything is made fresh, using fresh ingredients that you can really taste when you taste the pies.  And if you’re a fan of seasonal, fruit pies, Atticus would be perfect for you since they had a wide variety of fresh, seasonal fruit-inspired pies.  These little handles are literally small, single-serving pies that are about the size of the palm of your hand.  The only make pies in one size, but these tiny pies pack a big punch.


With flavors such as earl grey tea, salted caramel popcorn, lemon lavender, strawberry pistachio, blueberry cheesecake, raspberry mousse cheesecake, Reese’s peanut butter cup and blackberry cheesecake, the hardest part is trying to decide what pies to buy.  If it were me, I’d probably take one of each.  But ok, realistically, I can’t eat that many.  I’ve got to limit the number of pies I can buy based upon what I can realistically finish over the next few days so that the pies remain delicious and fresh.  So, I finally decide to take home 4 different pies so that my husband and I can give them a sampling.


First off, they had a coconut banana cream pie, and knowing how much I love bananas, I just couldn’t resist.  Let’s start with the pie crust.  Atticus uses the same pie crust for all of its pies and the crust is absolutely delicious.  Buttery and flaky, it’s thick enough to hold up to the pie filling without getting soggy and mushy.  I loved the buttery taste of the crust which just added to the deliciousness of the pie and made for a great pie eating experience.  The coconut banana cream pie is filled with homemade custard mixed with chunks of fresh banana slices.  The entire thing is topped with coconut custard and the pie filling is set.  Homemade whipped cream tops the pie with toasted shredded coconut.  The pie was delicious as the combination of the banana and coconut was phenomenal.  Neither was overly sweet, and the flavors complimented each other really well.  I loved finding the chunks of fresh sliced banana, which added terrific texture and flavor to the pie.  The custard filling is terrific, great body that holds together really well as you slice through the pie rather than becoming soft and runny pie filling that runs out of the pie.  A really well done, well crafted miniature pie.


Mango pineapple cream was my second choice.  The bottom of the pie crust is filled with a layer of pineapple jam before being topped with mango cream and allowed to set.  The pie is then finished off with fresh, homemade whipped cream and fresh chunks of mango.  The combination of the sweet mango and the sweet and tangy pineapple jam is perfect.  You can taste both of the flavor components in every bite, and the contrast between the jam and the cream is a terrific one.  The pie filling is smooth and goes down so easily.  And the addition of the fresh chunks of mango atop the pie just adds to reinforce the terrific mango flavor that permeates this pie.  If you’re a mango fan, this pie is a standout.


I’ll admit that I’m a huge Oreo lover, so I couldn’t resist getting the Oreo cheesecake pie.  My husband doesn’t understand my love of Oreos because all he can think of is how unhealthy the crème is, and the cookie itself just isn’t that good without the crème.  For me, it’s all good, I could eat buckets of the Oreo crème, but I could also stuff the cookies in my mouth just the same.  This pie made with Oreo cheesecake  is topped with whipped cream and Oreo cookie pieces on top.  This pie was fantastic.  You could taste the Oreo cookie and crème in the cheesecake filling, which made it sweet.  But you could also taste the tangy cream cheese flavor of the cheesecake filling.  It was a perfect marriage.  With the lightly sweetened whipped cream, this pie was creamy and luscious and delicious.


The last pie I chose was Reese’s peanut butter chocolate.  Who doesn’t love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter?  The pie filling is a chocolate mousse cream and the bottom of the pie shell is filled with Reese’s peanut butter.  Fresh whipped cream is piped on top of the pie and a Reese’s peanut butter cup is used as a garnish.  The filling is delicious, creamy and rich chocolate mousse filling with a hint of saltiness from the peanut butter at the bottom of the pie shell.  Each bite has the perfect combination of chocolate flavor and peanut butter flavor, without either being too prominent to overpower the other’s flavor.

I’m so glad that my co-workers girlfriend was nice enough to drop by the office with a delivery of pies at work.  Without that, I don’t think I would have ever learned about Atticus Creamery & Pies.  Atticus’ pies are some of the cutest, and tastiest, pies I’ve ever had.  I love that all of their pies are small hand-pie size, so that I’m not forced to by a huge 9″ inch pie.  Instead, I can sample a couple of smaller pies.  All of the pies look amazing, and reading their descriptions makes my mouth water.  Not to mention that Atticus Creamery & Pies also makes small, creative batches of ice cream.  Ice cream and pie?  I’m a dessert lover, so I can never say no.  Make it some of the best pie I’ve ever eaten, you can bet I’ll be there again and again and again.

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