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Beverly’s Best Bakery

March 17, 2015

One of my Facebook “friends” is the local news bulletin board for the community I live in.  Moderated by a former local city council member, its interesting to follow the events going on around the city that are posted by local residents.  Sometimes, the information is quite informative and interesting, and other times it seems like a bunch of gossip between neighbors.  However, this past summer, I saw a post about a local business not too far from my neighborhood that was closing and speculation following as to what business would be taking over the space.  After a few weeks, it was revealed that a bakery would be going into the vacated space, and it seemed that this was a bakery that a lot of local residents were enthusiastic about.  Admittedly, I have a huge sweet tooth, so when I read that a new bakery was coming into town, I was so excited, I immediately told my husband about it.  He was considerably less enthusiastic about the whole thing than I was.  When the bakery finally opened, I told my husband about it, but he had no reaction.  Over the next couple of months, I mentioned the bakery to him a few times and we casually talked about stopping in, but something or other would always come up and we never made it over to the bakery.  Then, one day, we were driving in the vicinity of the bakery and my husband suggested that we just drop into the bakery and see what all the fuss was about.


Beverly’s Best Bakery is a second-generation, family run bakery that started with its first bakeshop in Fullerton, California.  Through much success and a great following, a second bakery soon opened up in the neighboring city of Yorba Linda.  The business began with a Naples, Italy background when the original owners decided to use their family history and recipes to create unique and creative wedding cakes, specialty cakes and pastries and delicious baked goods and bring them to Southern California.  Years down the road, the owners daughter and her husband got involved in the business and bought the bakery.  They have since expanded the bakery, but retain the bakery’s standards of high quality products with exceptional customer service.


Although Beverly’s Best Bakery specializes in custom wedding cakes and specialty cakes, my husband and I were there to check out their display and selection of baked goods, pastries and cupcakes.  As soon as you walk into the store, you’re greeted by a refrigerated display case filled with refrigerated goodies, then numerous cake stands and displays of various scones, pastries, and cookies of all varieties.


As it was the Christmas season when visited, specialty decorated Christmas-themed sugar cookies were on display.  Ornaments, Santa Claus, presents and candy canes to choose from.  My husband couldn’t resist their allure, and to my surprise chose a hand decorated red present Christmas sugar cookie to take home with us.  According to my husband, the cookie was buttery, soft and chewy.  The cookie wasn’t too sweet, but was just perfect.  And surprisingly, much larger and more filling than it seemed in the display case.


For me, it was the refrigerated display cases that really drew my attention.  Then again, I am a complete cake and cupcake girl who doesn’t quite understand the idea of moderation.  When you’re presented with displays of chocolate cupcakes with butter cream, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese, vanilla bean cupcakes with ganache, pumpkin bars, pecan bars and lemon bars, how can you possibly choose just one, or even two?


What about these gorgeous specialty brownies?  Some topped with a cream cheese topping, others made like rocky road brownies topped with marshmallows, others topped with crushed chocolate peanut butter cups, and others made like turtle brownies and topped with crushed walnuts and caramel sauce.  They looked so mouth-watering.  My mind was racing trying to figure out how many items I could walk out of the bakery with, without looking like a complete, and embarrassing sweet tooth monster who couldn’t help herself.  If I could, I probably would have ordered one of everything in the bakery.  Everything really looked that delicious and tempting.


As I mentioned, the bakery wasn’t just about cookies and cupcakes and cakes, there were plenty of baked goods and pastries to choose from as well.  How about a nice, healthy cranberry orange scone to start the day?  Or what about a more savory cheddar cheese with jalapeno scone?  I love the diversity of all the different sweets and pastries you can get at Beverly’s Best Bakery.


As much as I’d love to be able to walk into a bakery and ask them to box up one of everything for me, it’s just not possible, so after a few minutes of browsing, my husband and I had to make some serious decisions.  We knew we’d want to take some of Beverly’s delectable looking cookies home.  Cookies are a good way to judge how good a bakery is.  Are the cookies soft and chewy, the way my husband and I like them?  The monster sized cookies at Beverly’s Best Bakery sure look soft and chewy.  So it’s time to decide between double chocolate chip, or snickerdoodle.  There’s the classic chocolate chip, or rich butter cookies, peanut butter or even oatmeal raisin to choose from.  How about gingerbread men?  Or even French macarons?


In the end, my husband and I each chose 2 different cookies.  I knew my husband would take the snickerdoodle as that’s one of his all time favorite cookies.  His other choice was the oatmeal raisin.  My choices were definitely more classic, the chocolate chip cookie and the double chocolate chip cookie.  Once we got home and started enjoying the cookies, my husband took one bite of his snickerdoodle and his immediate reaction was a smile on his face, and the comment “oh yeah!”  First off, the cookies were exactly as they looked, soft, fluffy and chewy.  They were perfectly baked and soft on the inside without being over baked and burnt on the outside.  The cookies were obviously made with a lot of butter as they were so fluffy and so full of rich pure butter flavor.  Hey, if you’re going to enjoy a dessert, it should be made with good stuff, chock full of flavor and butter and good quality vanilla and chocolate chips and all sorts of other ingredients.  And you could tell that Beverly’s Best Bakery makes all of their cookies with a lot of care and a recipe that calls for an abundance of all sorts of quality ingredients.  That’s what I’m looking for when I go to a bakery and buy cookies, something that’s delicious, full of flavor, soft, moist and chewy.  As soon as my husband and I each finished our first cookies, we knew right away, we’d be back to Beverly’s Best Bakery, if only for their cookies as a trip to the bakery for a dozen cookies would certainly be worth it.


However, the one item that my husband and I both got at Beverly’s Best Bakery that we fell in love with right away was the classic eclair.  First off, this was the largest eclair I’ve seen, which wouldn’t necessarily mean that it would be good because in baking, size doesn’t always matter.  Flavors are more likely to be diluted or lost when pastries are so big.  However, one bite of this eclair was enough for my husband and I to both declare that this was the absolute best eclair we’d ever tasted.  The chocolate frosting with the chocolate piping on the éclair was perfect.  Not too sweet and not too bitter.  Great flavor addition to add to the éclair instead of weighing it down.  The pate choux pastry to make the éclair was light and flaky and perfectly baked.  But the star of the éclair was the Bavarian cream.  Personally, I find that a lot of eclairs, or really any sort of “filled” pastry is always light on the filling and heavy on the pastry dough.  If I’m going to buy something that’s filled, I want it to be filled with whatever should be in there so that I can taste the filling in every bite.  At Beverly’s Best Bakery, the éclair was so stuffed with Bavarian cream that it was 90% Bavarian cream and only 10% pate choux and chocolate glaze, which is a terrific ratio.  And the Bavarian cream was delicious.  Smooth, creamy, and flavorful, it’s as Bavarian cream should be made with quality ingredients.  When I’m enjoying an éclair, while I enjoy the combination of the flavors of the Bavarian cream and the chocolate and the pastry, really what I want is the Bavarian cream.  It’s a wonder I don’t just order a cup of Bavarian cream on its own.  But Beverly’s Best Bakery delivers exactly what I’m looking for.  For the eclairs alone, Beverly’s Best Bakery won me over.

After visiting Beverly’s Best Bakery and seeing the shop and then bring home the pastries and enjoying their wonderful flavors, my husband was finally convinced that a bakery isn’t just a bakery like every other bakery.  He realized that Beverly’s Best Bakery distinguished itself by making high quality desserts and pastries using high quality ingredients and wonderful recipes that produced products that tasted phenomenal.  The cookies won us over, but the eclairs definitely stole our tastebuds.  I have no doubt that Beverly’s Best Bakery will become a favorite go to bakery for our household.

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  1. Heather Morrow permalink
    March 17, 2015 6:31 pm

    You should post this review to their YELP page. Looks yummy – if I could eat carbs.

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