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The Slow Bone

February 16, 2015

When my husband and I were in the planning stages for this quick weekend trip to Dallas, I remember that the first thing I said to my husband was that I wanted to have Texas BBQ.  I’m a huge BBQ fan, and how could I go all the way to Dallas and not have some BBQ?  After looking at our itinerary for our short 3 days in town, we decided that lunch at a BBQ joint on our last day in Dallas would be our best opportunity for some slow cooked, smoked goodness.  However, that morning, my husband woke up not feeling the greatest.  I was a bit annoyed at my husband and him telling me he wasn’t feeling well wasn’t helping the situation.  At some point that morning my husband mentioned perhaps skipping BBQ as he wasn’t feeling up to eating anything, and he could tell that by this time I was not only annoyed but I was moving towards being pissed off.  BBQ was the #1 thing on my list that I wanted while in Dallas and I could see this opportunity slowly slipping away.  I think my husband knew I’d be mad for days if he didn’t give in, so he finally relented and agreed that we should pack our stuff up, check out of the hotel and head over to this BBQ joint so that I could get my fix.  A short time later, we were on the road and my husband finally started feeling a bit better, or at least well enough that he was willing to give some BBQ a try.


We had decided upon The Slow Bone as the BBQ joint we wanted to try out for good old-fashioned Texas BBQ.  My husband is a huge fan of BBQ beef brisket and looking for a place that served good beef brisket was a huge criteria for us when searching for a good BBQ joint.  The Slow Bone specializes in beef brisket which they smoke themselves in-house.  Along with beef brisket, they also smoke other meats and a serve up a number of homemade sides.


On your way into the joint, you walk right by their stash of chopped wood that they use to smoke all of their meats and you even see the smoker itself which constantly churns out all of the wonderful bbq meat.  The smoky aroma of the smoker and the wonderful scent of the wood hits your nose right away.


The restaurant is set up in a simple cafeteria style.  You walk in and see the menu with a listing of the bbq meats available on that particular day in front of you.  Once you make up your mind, you place your order for your meats before  moving on down a school-style cafeteria set up to choose your sides.  On the day we visited, the meats available to choose from were beef brisket, ribs, chicken, smoked cilantro sausage and old time sausage.  Of course, as I said, my husband and I came to The Slow Bone for their beef brisket, and that’s what both of us ordered as part of our bbq lunch platters.  We were given the option of whether we wanted the fattier end of the beef brisket or the leaner meatier end.  We both chose the fat, after all that’s where the flavor is.  You can then watch them slice up the brisket right in front of your eyes.


After the section of meats, you’ve got your sides.  All of the sides are made daily, in house and home-made.  Like any BBQ joint you’ve got your selection of green beans, pinto beans, sweet potato casserole, buttered squash, Oora’s jalapeño mac & cheese, fried okra, tomato and cucumber salad, mustard cole slaw, brussel sprouts & cauliflower gratin, horseradish cream potato salad, and pea salad.  Each lunch platter comes with your choice of 2 different sides to accompany your meal.  Finally, you’re given a choice of cornbread or hushpupies to go with your lunch platter.


The Slow Bone also has a condiment station which  is filled with all sorts of homemade fixings and sauces, including house made sriracha, picked onions, soda pickles and Uncle Ross’ bbq sauce.  In addition, you can also get jalapeños, onions and butter.


Keeping with the cafeteria theme, your food is served on a old-school cafeteria tray as well.  Your meats fit into a slot right next to a ladle of The Slow Bone’s bbq sauce.  The utensils have their own slot, and then your 2 sides each have their own slot right next to a third slot where the cornbread or the hush puppies you chose go.  What my husband and I loved about The Slow Bone is that everything was no-frills BBQ from the set up to the cafeteria trays.  The joint is really all about the flavor of the BBQ, and that flavor is outstanding.  For my lunch, I chose a 2 meat platter with pork ribs and beef brisket.  My two sides were Oora’s jalapeño mac & cheese and the brussel sprouts & cauliflower gratin to go with cornbread.  Wow, one bite of the beef brisket sent me straight to heaven.  The smoky flavor of the brisket shined right through.  It was packed full of flavor, yet the meat was still moist and tender.  It was perfectly fatty and meaty and hands down the best beef brisket I’ve ever tasted.  The ribs were also perfectly smoked with meat that was so tender that it came clean off the bone when you bit into it.  Again, full of great smoke flavor that you didn’t even really need the bbq sauce.  The bbq sauce itself was tangy with a little bit of heat, a great compliment to the smoky flavor of the meats.  And the sides were relish.  The brussel sprouts and cauliflower gratin blew me away.  I ordered it as a second side because it sounded interesting, even if it didn’t look the most appealing.  One bite and I was in love.  The brussel sprouts and cauliflower were perfectly roasted with a bit of char on the outside and incredibly soft and tender on the inside with perfect caramelization.  The gratin with the cheesy flavor just added to the terrific flavor of the roasted vegetables.  The mac and cheese was also very tasty with just the right amount of heat from the jalapeños to lend flavor to the mac and cheese, but not enough to take away from the great cheesy flavor of the side.


My husband also wanted a 2 meat lunch platter.  Like me, he also chose to have pork ribs and beef brisket as his 2 meats.  To go with his selection of cornbread, he also chose Oora’s jalapeño mac & cheese as one side and his other side was the horseradish cream potato salad.  After one bite of the beef brisket, my husband’s eyes lit up and the one word uttered out of his mouth was “wow!” to accompany a huge grin on his face.  He was loving the brisket.  And for someone who just recently became a fan of pork ribs, he too thought that the ribs were perfectly smoky and fell right off the bone.  My husband remarked that if he could have just had beef brisket and nothing else, he would have been perfectly happy.  He came here to try the beef brisket, and he said this is exactly the kind of brisket he was looking for.  Every thing else, the tasty sides and yummy pork ribs were just icing on the cake.


While my husband woke up feeling a little sick and trying to get out of eating Texas BBQ as we had planned because he thought he just wouldn’t be able to stomach any food, I was thankful that he was eventually feeling well enough that he was willing to go to The Slow Bone with me so that at least I could have the BBQ I was most looking forward to.  Eventually, my husband felt well enough to eat and boy is he glad that he was feeling better because he loved The Slow Bone’s beef brisket.  This is exactly the kind of juicy, moist, tender, smoky and flavorful meat I think of when I think of genuine Texas BBQ.  I’ve never tasted better brisket, and that alone made the trip to The Slow Bone worth it.  What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the pork ribs as well as the sides that I tried.  Everything was made from scratch and full of flavor.  The atmosphere of this no frills BBQ joint with the cafeteria-style trays was the kind of joint that would keep my husband and I going back for more, as much and as often as possible if we lived in Dallas.  Don’t miss out on this terrific beef brisket if you ever find yourself in the heart of North Texas.

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