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The Edge of Waikiki

September 1, 2014

One of the welcome amenities all guests who stay at the Sheraton Waikiki receive upon checking in is a free drink coupon to be used during your stay here at the hotel.  It’s nothing super special since you know they aren’t going to allow you to just choose any top shelf liquor drink on their menu, but hey, it is something.  And something is always better than nothing.


After our long day out and about driving around the island of Oahu, we decided to take advantage of our free welcome drink on our final full night in Hawaii.  Actually, our last day of vacation.  So, in the evening, we headed down to The Edge of Waikiki.  This retro, adults-only pool bar is located right along the waterfront in Waikiki next to the hotel’s famous infinity pool hence the name, The Edge of Waikiki.  Known for their “vint-edge” cocktails and nightly live entertainment from some of Hawaii’s top entertainers, the Edge is lively and popular day and night.


What better way to end the day than with a night cap at a table overlooking the Pacific Ocean and hearing the waves gently lap the sea wall in front of you?  This is paradise.  That’s a view of one of the evening catamaran excursions coming back on shore, right up to the sandy beach next to The Edge Bar.


As expected, our free drink coupons entitled us to either our choice of a rum punch, or non-alcoholic fruit punch.  No fancy, “vint-edge” drinks to choose from.  But, at least the atmosphere was nice.  My husband opted to go with the alcoholic rum punch and I chose the non-alcoholic fruit punch.



Here was my husband’s rum punch.  It was served in a smaller plastic cup than my non-alcoholic fruit punch, and unfortunately, really lacked any sort of alcoholic punch or really any flavor.  In fact, it’s sad to say, but my husband felt that the rum punch he was served on our Hawaiian Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii was 100 times better than the free welcome drink served by the hotel.  Would it really be too much to ask that they serve better drinks?  How else are they going to get their guests to order drinks they’d have to buy off of their drink menu if the free drink is so watered down and tasteless? Hm…


My non-alcoholic fruit punch was just ok.  Nothing special or fancy.  Pretty much, a plastic cup full of icy, watered down fruit punch out poured out of a gallon jug you can pick up at the grocery store.  But again, a free drink is a free drink.  And the atmosphere of sitting by the bar, next to the ocean was nice.


All in all, the free welcome drink really didn’t do it for my husband and I.  You’d think that if the hotel were going to give out a free welcome drink to each guest that they’d at least have drinks that were a little classier, something to convince guests to sit at the bar and order more.  With the drinks we were served, it’s almost an embarrassment to call it a free welcome drink.  What’s the point in even serving it.  The only redeeming value was that the The Edge Bar had a nice outdoor environment right next to the ocean, but then again, the hotel is an ocean front property, you can get this atmosphere sitting in other areas of the hotel without having to be at the bar.

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