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February 17, 2014

In preparation for coming to Seattle, my husband and I did a bit of recon for places to eat nearby our hotel. However, during our search for the perfect dinner spot, we got distracted and off task because my husband found a gelato shop only a couple of blocks from the hotel. Mmmm, gelato! Way better than ice cream, and completely irresistible. My husband insisted that I take notes as to the name of the gelato shop and its location so that we could find it when we arrived in Seattle.


After 2 days of being in the city, we finally found the perfect time for an afternoon break and a little gelato pick-me-up. It seemed as though we had trekked all over the city, from Pike Place Market to the Seattle Space Needle. On our walk back to the hotel, we took a bit of a detour to visit Gelatiamo. In Italian, Gelatiamo means “let’s have gelato together,” and it’s that warm and welcoming feeling that this gelateria conveys. The store was opened in 1996 when owner Maria Coassin brought her passion for authentic Italian gelato and homemade Italian cakes and pastries to Seattle. Maria comes from a long line of bakers back in her hometown in Northern Italy. In fact, her family has run a bakery in this same town for more than 250 years. Maria decided to expand her horizons beyond just pastries and cookies and learned the fine art of gelato making from a master. She has since perfected the technique for making gelato and creating new recipes.


Gelatiamo invites you to come in and take a seat and enjoy these wonderful Italian classics that have been hand-made with care. The store is more than just gelato, it also showcases many favorite Italian pastries and cakes. There’s a revolving cake display right in the window filled with so many wonderful creations.


As you walk further into the store, there’s a refrigerated display case that showcases all of the stores Italian cookies and various pastries. From chocolate, vanilla and pistachio bignes, to ganache bites, to tiramisu cups, the selections are just so mouth-watering it’s hard to pick between them.


251My husband and I couldn’t leave without having a pastry so we each selected one pastry which was boxed up so that we could enjoy it later at the hotel. My husband decided to go with the Grand Marnier tart topped with chopped walnuts, chocolate curls and a candied orange slice.  While a nice treat, my husband felt that the tart shell was a bit dry and crumbling and not quite as moist and buttery as it could have been.  He certainly tasted the Grand Marnier and liked the touch of the candied orange on top.  And the flavor of chocolate and Grand Marnier is always a good one.


For my to-go pastry, I chose the cream cannoli.  I’d probably be more inclined to call this a cream horn rather than a cannoli in the sense that I’m familiar with a cannoli, but that didn’t mean this wasn’t any less good.  The shell of this cannoli was terrific.  It was flaky and buttery and exactly what you’d expect.  The cream filling inside was smooth and custard-y and sweet, but not too rich.  This was a perfect afternoon treat.


But what we really came here for was the gelato.  There were so many flavors and they all looked amazing we almost couldn’t decide what we should order.  We kept going back and forth between ordering a small or a medium.  If I could, I would have taken half-scoops of every flavor.  It all just looked so amazing.  The flavors we had to choose from were cappuccino, lemon, maple pecan, mango, chocolate, raspberry, pistachio, chocolate chip, ginger snap, blackberry, coconut, coffee chocolate, strawberry and egg nog.  Obviously, some of these flavors were seasonable and a nod to the Christmas season.


I ended up choosing the smaller size which meant two scoop of gelato.  Obviously, I was going to choose 2 different flavors rather than 2 scoops of the same flavor.  After a little internal debate in trying to come up with two flavors that would go well with one another, I ended up choose chocolate coffee and chocolate chip.  What can I say, I’m a bit of a boring girl who likes what she likes.  I loved the chocolate chip, it was more like straciatella that you’d find in Italian gelato.  The flavor of the gelato really made the chocolate stand out rather than just tasting the vanilla in the cream.  And the chocolate coffee was fantastic.  It even had some chocolate covered espresso beans inside of it.  The flavor of the chocolate was spot on and there was a little bit of bitterness from the coffee which was perfect.


My husband chose to go with the medium size which comes with three scoops.  Unlike me who tried to find flavors that paired well together, he decided to just choose flavors that he wanted to taste regardless of if it was a fruit flavor or cream-based flavor or what not.  His three scoops consisted of blackberry, egg nog and coconut.  I wasn’t surprised that he ordered the egg nog since I know he’s a huge fan of egg nog.  My husband said the egg nog gelato tasted exactly like drinking egg nog.  The one downside to the egg nog was that it was all sweet so more than a scoop of it may have been too much.  The coconut, my husband described as being just like coconut.  It had actual coconut flakes in it and tasted good, not too sweet, but also wasn’t anything too special either.  And finally my husband’s favorite flavor was the blackberry.  He thought that it was absolutely “awesome” and had the perfect amount of sweet and tang.  It was the rich magenta-purple color of the blackberry that caught his eye as it’s not normally a flavor he’d order, but he couldn’t resist and was really glad he had chosen it since he thought it was so good.


Even though the weather was in the low 40s, it’s never too cold for some good gelato.  I’m so glad that my husband and I felt Gelatiamo.  It really hit the spot after a long day sightseeing around Seattle.  The setting of the store was cute and quaint and their pastries, cakes and cookies all looked fantastic.  But there gelato definitely hit a homerun.  They had a wide variety of different flavors and I loved that they seasonal flavors such as ginger snap, maple pecan and egg nog.  It wasn’t all about traditional flavors, but it certainly was about traditional techniques.  The gelato was creamy and smooth and rich and absolutely perfect.  A terrific afternoon snack and a kick of sugar to power through the rest of the day.

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  1. February 17, 2014 7:42 am

    I have never been to Seattle and am enjoying reading about all the good food you enjoyed on your Christmas vacation there. 🙂

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