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Aino Crepe

December 2, 2013

Ok, so I know I’m traveling in Bangkok, Thailand, not Paris, France, but that doesn’t mean that when I see something that looks really good, I can’t just order it, regardless of wherever I’m located.


A crepe is a crepe, no longer where I am, right?  When I was shopping at Terminal 21, the new, hip shopping mall in the Sukhumwit district of Bangkok, basically across the street from the hotel I was staying at, and saw a small little stand on the mall’s bottom floor serving up crepes, I immediately had a hankering.


And with a display case that looked like the picture above just calling out my name, I couldn’t resist.  Um, hello crepe!  You belong to me.  With all sorts of fillings such as fresh fruit, fruit compote, chocolate sauce, ice cream, and cake slices, how could I walk away and not order something?  Just a small little something, something.  And hey, while 40 to 65 Thai baht might be a lot for a normal Thai person to spend getting a sweet snack (considering most Thai desserts cost about 10-25 Thai baht), to someone like me coming from US Dollars, that’s the equivalent of about $1.10 to $2.00.  Where else in the States do you find a crepe that size (and that’s literally the size they when unraveled) for this kind of price?  Ok, I’ve convinced myself to have one now!


I made my crepe selection and it was built for me right in front of my eyes.  We start out with a crepe.  A very thin pancake, so thin it’s almost see through.  On one edge of the crepe, a glob of fresh whipped cream is spread out.  This creates the “glue” for my crepe.


I chose a crepe with bananas, so fresh bananas were sliced on a bias and placed right on the “glue” of the fresh whipped cream.  My mouth is already watering.  Luckily, a made-to-order crepe doesn’t take too long to make.


The next ingredient is chocolate sauce.  Squeeze out chocolate sauce and drizzle it all over the fresh-sliced bananas and fresh whipped cream.


Now fold the crepe.  Since this Aino Crepe stand is in the middle of a food court without seating, it’s necessary that the crepe be portable.  So, smartly, the crepe was folded into a cone shape.  The cone shape also highlights the beautiful fresh ingredients inside the crepe, namely the fresh whipped cream and the sliced bananas.


And now, I have a beautiful, easy to carry banana, whipped crème and chocolate sauce crepe.  Thin, sweet crepe wrapped around sweet sliced bananas and fresh creamy whipped cream and topped with decadent chocolate sauce.  A beautiful take-away snack that serves as a pick me up.  And as our hotel happened to right across the street from the mall, I was able to take the crepe back to my hotel and enjoy this yummy snack in the comfort of my own hotel room.  If I had more time in town, I definitely would have gone back for some more crepes.  Quick to make, wonderful flavor combinations and easy to snack on.

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