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Orchid Cafe

November 25, 2013

At the beginning of our 2 week trip to Asia, I was blown away by the beautiful breakfast and setting of the Oyster & Wine Bar at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers, then I was amazed at the bounty of food at the St. Regis Singapore, but nothing prepared me for what would be the most amazing breakfast experience we had on this trip.  For that matter, this might be one of the best breakfast experiences I’ve had a hotel, period.  It was truly amazing, not only in terms of the sheer size and the variety of the items I could find, but also the quality and tastiness of the food itself.


During our 2 nights in Bangkok, we stayed at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, located in the heart of touristy Bangkok, Thailand.  Included in our stay at the Sheraton Grande was the daily breakfast buffet located at the hotel’s Orchid Café.  The Café is located on the hotel’s 2nd floor, though this is considered the main floor of the hotel, and where the hotel lobby is located.  The Café has a wall of big windows that looks out onto busy Sukhumwit street and the pedestrian traffic of the overhead walkways that lead directly to a skytrain station.  The dining room is set up in a bit of a round, with the seating set on the outside in a circular fashion and the center being a large buffet station.


If I thought that the St. Regis Singapore offered an large selection of breakfast items in their breakfast buffet, then the Orchid Café offered an ungodly amount of breakfast options.  I’ve never seen a larger hotel breakfast buffet, except perhaps the mega buffets in Las Vegas!  After being seated at a table we were offered drinks.  Being a caffeine-addict, I ordered a café latte for breakfast.  Oh yum, I could go for one of these now!  Just the right amount of coffee to milk with an extra foamy top!


My husband, who isn’t much of a coffee drinker actually found in the buffet a selection of fresh fruit juices that he opted for.  Here is the beautiful watermelon juice in a wine glass.  Classy!  Beautiful, fresh-squeezed watermelon provides for a mild, slightly sweet, and refreshing breakfast juice.  I think between that and the orange juice he loves, he was a pretty happy camper.


The abundance of food offerings at the Orchid Café was just astounding.  Let’s start with the pastries.  Look at all these baskets of fresh-baked pastries.  A kiwi Danish, various fruit muffins, donuts, bagels and banana bread.


What about croissants, cheese Danishes, rolls, cookies, and soft pretzels!  The pastry and bread options were just phenomenal.  I could have just pigged out on all of these yummy looking pastries without having moved to any other station.  But of course, there was so much other food and it was all calling my name.


There was traditional Western breakfast favorites such as pancakes, bacon, sausage, waffles and French toast with the appropriate toppings of brown sugar, maple syrup and powdered sugar.  The Western favorites were a favorite among Easterners looking for a Western staple, or by Westerners looking for a small slice of home in this foreign country.


In addition to the Western staples, there were also a few other Western dishes.  Minute steak, sautéed and roasted vegetables, baked beans.  These may not be traditional Western breakfast staples, but are more regional staples found in certain parts of the United States.  But what I loved about this buffet was that there was so much food that there was something there for everyone to enjoy, no matter where you were from.  But the Orchid Café wasn’t just about having a large variety of food, but it was more about making good quality, tasty food that a wide variety of people could enjoy.


There were just as many Eastern favorites as Western favorites to be found at the Orchid Café.  There was Japanese soba noodles and traditional Asian congee with traditional congee toppings.  There was warm ginger broth to pour over spoonfuls of cold tofu and topped with crispy sweet bread, a traditional Chinese favorite.  These items were a hit with the Eastern crowd at the café.


When have you ever seen a hotel breakfast buffet that served traditional dim sum favorites like shu mai and har gow?  At this point, I was so impressed.  I’d never see anything like this before.


There was also Korean favorites such as kimchi.  Not what I’d think of for breakfast, but it was certainly impressive that they even had it.  And of course, there was sushi for Japanese food lovers as well as steamed white rice that could be served with nori or with the abundance of other Asian favorites.


Here’s something my husband really loved the smoked salmon and lox as well as the cold cuts and fixings for a salad in the morning.  Whatever you want for breakfast, the Orchid Café has it.


Then there was the made-to-order cook station.  Behind this display which featured fresh-baked croissants and rolls was an open kitchen with cooks ready to make eggs benedict, eggs-to-order and a few other unique made-to-order items that I had never seen before.


Namely, what really caught my eye was grilled-to-order chicken satay.  Um, yes please!  I loved it so much that I ended up order 2 orders of the chicken satay.  I’ve never seen a buffet before where they had chicken satay ready to grill for you.  Drizzle a bit of traditional peanut sauce over the chicken satay and you have a unique breakfast food.


There’s also a cold section with some Eastern dessert favorites.  Lots of fruits in syrup that you combine together in a bowl with shaved or crushed ice and enjoy as a cold, sweet dessert.


Or you could go with a more traditional Western option with milk, various types of cereals or muesli or warm oatmeal with the traditional toppings of dried fruits or brown sugar.


Finally, at the end of the meal, what about some fresh-carved tropical fruits.  There was a section of the buffet set up specifically for fruit.  But it wasn’t just fruit laid out on platters for guests to devour, there was actually a person standing behind the display peeling and cutting up all this beautiful fruit.  Lots of tropical fruits – red and yellow watermelon, dragon fruit, sweet, juicy mango, guava, papaya and rambutan.  It was incredible.  Having all of this fresh fruit was one of my most favorite parts of breakfast at the Orchid Café.

I was thoroughly impressed with the wide array and selection of breakfast options at the Orchid Café.  There literally was so much food that you just couldn’t possibly try it all.  I found some terrific options such as dim sum and grilled-to-order chicken satay.  And I absolutely loved the fresh fruit station.  I think I could come back here again and again just to enjoy their morning breakfast buffet.

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  1. November 25, 2013 9:14 am

    I just caught up on your Asian vacation and it certainly sounds memorable. From the hotels, the food, the cruise…you must have had a wonderful time.

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