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St. Regis Singapore Breakfast

November 14, 2013

The morning of our last day in Singapore, we awoke to an overcast sky that was threatening to open up and fill the streets with rain.  As we really only had half a day in town, due to the fact that we had a 1 pm flight from Singapore to Bangkok, we decided to head downstairs to the hotel’s main restaurant to check out the breakfast buffet.  Fill up with a lot of yummy fuel before we headed out towards the airport and said goodbye to Singapore.


Much like the rest of the hotel, the dining room was spacious and opulent.  Set on one end of the property, the dining room had a back wall that was filled with floor to ceiling windows, adjacent to a beautiful pool area belonging to the spa next door, providing for a gorgeous view.  The dining room was set up buffet-style with various stations for guests to grab made-to-order food and prepared foods, hot and cold.


You could start with the traditional American fare of milk and cereal.


Or how about yogurt and berries, or fresh fruit parfaits?


What about muesli, berry compote, make-your-own parfait, and oatmeal.  You could certainly find every traditional Western breakfast favorite.


Fruit salad isn’t your thing?  What about fresh sliced watermelon and cantaloupe?  What about the more exotic black and white dragon fruit?


Getting a little thirsty?  Pour some ice water, fresh squeezed orange juice or iced tea.  There’s also celery sticks, and tobacco sauce and the full makings for a Bloody Mary.943

Looking for hot food instead of cold food?  How about potatoes gratin and crispy bacon?  Baked beans are a very popular European breakfast item.  There was also a made-to-order omelet and egg station with all of the omelet filling you could want; ham, baby shrimp, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and more.


What a lighter breakfast fare?  There’s a large assortment of cheeses, along with crackers, honey, grapes and walnuts.


Don’t forget the cold cuts.  Salami, prosciutto, ham, and deli sliced roast turkey.  My husband was a huge fan of the smoked salmon and lox.  There was also the makings for salad with various vegetables and salad dressings.


Now here’s something you don’t see all the time at a breakfast buffet, a full assortment of sushi and sashimi.  Wow, that looks delectable.  You seriously could just gorge on sushi for breakfast and never be hungry the rest of the day.  But why stop there when there’s so much else to enjoy.


Being in Singapore after all, there were also plenty of Asian options for breakfast.  How can something called sugarcane prawns be a bad thing?  And fried rice, congee (rice porridge), and scallion pancakes to name a few other Asian dishes.  They all make my mouth water.


Oh, this is one of the things I absolutely loved, look at the selection of fresh jams and syrups in the bread section.  Passion mango jam, how delightful!  I loved the selection and variety of different things you could choose from.


As if this wasn’t enough food, in addition to breakfast being a buffet, there were also hot plates that you could order from the kitchen.  This is where you could get made-to-order specialty breakfast items that weren’t available at the prepared buffet.  Included in these hot plates were both Western and Eastern breakfast favorites.


My husband and I both had to take advantage of the breakfast entrees and order something off the menu.  My husband immediately went for Benedict Le Saveur (what a surprise!).  The menu describes it as a gently poached egg on a toasted English muffin served with Hollandaise sauce, green asparagus and parma ham.  My husband would describe it as heaven.  As long as there are eggs benedict on the breakfast menu, he’s a happy camper.  He was pleased with this eggs benedict, especially the Hollandaise sauce, which is a lot coming from a guy who doesn’t like sauce on anything at all.  He also liked the saltiness from the parma ham.


For my breakfast entrée, I chose the brioche French toast.  Served with banana compote, French butter, honey and cinnamon, this dish was divine.  It truly completed the breakfast experience for me at the St. Regis Singapore.  Served on a beautiful square plate with each item having its own little compartment, I almost felt like an artist who could create and compose my own dish.  A bit of French toast with some French butter and maple syrup.  Or another bite of French toast with some French butter and banana compote.  Or what about a slice of French toast just dipped into the little cup of maple syrup?  Yummy!  The brioche bread in the honey and cinnamon batter was perfectly grilled, flavorful and delicious.


And if this wasn’t all enough for you, what about finishing off your morning breakfast with a bite of something sweet?  Yeah, they had that here too!  There was a variety of different yummy cake bites and various bakery items.

What a delightful breakfast we had at the St. Regis Singapore.  The food quality and taste was first-rate.  There were so many choices that it was overwhelming!  Do we go with the Eastern options or the Western options?  Maybe both!  And do we order something delectable off the menu or just go with what’s being served at the buffet?  There was definitely something here to please every palate and taste bud out there.  The elegant and relaxing setting in the ground floor dining room overlooking a beautiful pool and spa and the spacious and well-appointed interior decorations, along with the terrific food made for a terrific last morning in Singapore for us.  I’d definitely come back and stay at the St. Regis Singapore again.  It may be one of my all-time favorite hotels!

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