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November 4, 2013

For our second day in Singapore, we awoke early, as the sun was just rising and decided to get an early start to our day, to make sure that we could see and do everything we wanted to see and do in Singapore.  We traveled all over town, on foot, by underground metro, with maps, asking questions.  We saw a ton, and took even more pictures.  But, just after noon, we were tired, and hungry, and hot and a bit travel weary after almost 2 weeks on the road.  After making a sightseeing stop at the incredible Marina Bay Sands Hotel (look it up if you’ve never seen this hotel before), we saw, on the ground floor, a little snack shop where we could rest our tired feet and load up on some sweets to give us energy to go through the rest of the day.


SweetSpot is a mix of a dessert shop, sandwich shop and coffee shop with beautiful displays that just draw guests in to this small, intimate shop that’s set up with just a few high-top tables and a long bar-counter.  It seems that while guests can linger and enjoy their sweet snacks at the shop, it’s most convenient for grabbing sweets on-the-go.  SweetSpot describes itself as the place where “art and patisserie meet”!  Which is a pretty good description of the artfully arranged goods on display.


The first thing that greets guests as they walk by is the display of rainbow-colored macarons.  What I loved about these macarons were that they weren’t you’re traditional coffee, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio flavored ones, but rather more tropical flavors and flavors more geared towards Asian tastes.994

Right next to the colorful display of macarons is a delectable display of artfully designed chocolate truffles and candies.  Um, yum!  Can I have one of each, please?  How do these display cases not just draw you in and make you want to drool?991990

If you turn the corner on the counter, and how could you not, you’ll see even more yummy goodness.  There’s all sorts of beautiful pastries.  Things with names such as white passion cake, green tea éclair, mille feuille, chocolate paradigm and raspberry tart.  I think I could live in this little pastry shop.989998

Up along the wall, behind the counter, there’s a display of the store’s fresh-baked breads in all shapes, flavors and sizes.  Various loaves of bread from French bread to cheese breads, to croissants to raisin bread and more.  Everything just looks so good.


And we haven’t even gotten to talking about the cakes yet!  Tiramisu, cherry crumble tart, mountain berry tart, whipped sand storm, yuzu kiss, orange & thyme.  Oh, it’s a good thing SweetSpot exists in Singapore and not in Los Angeles, or else I might start living there.  I’ve got a sweet tooth that just can’t be tamed!


My husband and I agreed that we’d each choose one item we could order to enjoy at the eatery so that we wouldn’t go overboard.  My husband chose something savory in the form a ham and brie croissant.  This wasn’t just a regular croissant cut in half with slices of deli ham and brie, it was a croissant that was rolled with the ham and brie in it, then baked, so that it was essentially a ham and brie stuffed croissant.  Additionally, to make it savory, the croissant was baked with a dusting of cheese on it, so it was actually a cheese croissant.  Let me tell you, it was delicious, and I’m not even the biggest fan of brie cheese.  The brie and the ham matched perfectly with the light and flaky croissant and the icing on the cake was the cheese baked into the croissant itself.  My husband said that the sandwich really hit the spot for him.


I couldn’t deny my sweet tooth and decided to order the coffee éclair.  I think this rightfully should have been called a mocha and espresso éclair rather than a coffee éclair because coffee just doesn’t encompass how amazing this éclair was.  The top of the choux pastry was glazed in an espresso-mocha flavored glaze and then topped with chocolate shavings.  Inside the éclair was a beautiful, creamy and silky-smooth espresso-mocha flavored pastry cream.  I couldn’t help but devour the entire éclair.  The mocha-espresso flavoring was strong, but not overpowering, which was perfect.  You almost couldn’t get a better tasting éclair.


In addition to the ham and brie sandwich and coffee éclair, we also decided to share an ice blended mocha.  More chocolate and coffee!  The ice blended mocha was refreshing on this warm and humid day in Singapore.  And we couldn’t help ourselves and just had to buy an assorted box of macarons to take back to the hotel and enjoy as a sweet treat in the evening.


Macarons are yummy because they are the perfect mix of cakey-doughy cookie goodness with a smear of flavored ganache sandwiched in between.  When the macaron bakes up, it has such a thin delicate crispy layer on the outside, and almost an under-baked doughy consistency on the inside.  You take two of these macarons and put a bit of ganache in between and create a delicious macaron which can be uniquely flavored in variety of ways, including various flavors to make the sandwich cookies, or flavoring of the ganache filling.  Some of the flavors we picked up at SweetSpot included passion fruit, green tea and raspberry flavored macarons.  You can bet we definitely enjoyed these sweet snacks at the end of our long day back in our hotel room.

This SweetSpot shop at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel hit my sweet spot for sure.  This provided us enough rest and energy to keep us going through the rest of our day in Singapore.  I could have ordered one of each and every sweet, pastry, macaron and truffle I saw.  And the sandwiches were delicious too.  A little bit savory, a little bit sweet and a coffee shop combined all in to one.  Enough to entice this weary traveler to order some sweets and walk out happy with my box of macarons!

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