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Cruise Dinner: Day 6

October 25, 2013

Ok, as if we hadn’t eaten enough while we were in Ho Chi Minh City with the coffee break at the Rooftop Bar at the Rex Hotel as well a yummy pho lunch at Pho 2000, after 2 hours of traveling back from Ho Chi Minh City to the port city of Phu My, it was time for dinner again!  It’s food, food, food, all the time!  But hey, I’m not complaining.  Besides, now that we finished our stop in Phu My/Ho Chi Minh City, we had a full sea day to look forward to before we arrived into Singapore the following day.


I was hoping that there would be some lighter fare on the menu tonight that I could take advantage of.


Luckily, an appetizer of tropical fruit fiesta with green lime was just what the doctor ordered for me.  Slices of cantaloupe, fresh strawberries, a slice of mango, honeydew and papaya round out a plate topped with a slice of green lime and mint leaves.  This was a great palate refresher for me.


My husband opted to go with the seafood ceviche with lime and coriander.  Though, after reading coriander and lime, I’m not sure my husband even cared what type of seafood was in the ceviche since he’s in love with coriander and lime!  I was so caught up in my own appetizer, I didn’t even really get a chance to ask my husband what type of seafood was in the dish other than the fact that I can see shrimp, mussels and crab in the picture.


I opted to order a salad tonight since the one on the menu sounded pretty good – seasonal greens with celery and tomatoes with blue cheese and caramelized onion vinaigrette.  It was the caramelized onion vinaigrette that really caught my eye.  Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, it was sweet and delicious and not really at all like caramelized onion.  I thought it really paired well with the crunchy celery and greens and matched with the tangy, acidic tomato.


My husband decided go with the vegetable hot pot with cheese puffs as his next course.  I know he didn’t really care about the vegetable hot pot itself, he wanted to see what these cheese puffs were.  To his disappointment, when the soup was brought out, it really was just a vegetable soup, no cheese puffs in sight.



For his entrée, my husband opted for the fish dish of South Pacific barramundi with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette with wilted spinach, yellow squash and sautéed potatoes.  He enjoyed the barramundi as it was perfectly grilled and nice and flaky and flavorful.  The potatoes went well with the sautéed potatoes that seemed more like they were broiled.  I’m not sure my husband really touched the wilted spinach or any of the other vegetables on the dish.


I ordered the chicken dish of home-style roast chicken with pan gravy and bell pepper and onion stew with garlic mashed potatoes.  I loved the pan gravy with the onion and bell pepper stew because the combination of the flavors created something that was reminiscent of a ragout.  The garlic mashed potatoes were good, also soaked in that ragout-type sauce.  And the chicken was roast nicely and was still flavorful and juicy.


After all this food and we’re not done with our meal yet?  But, how can you say no to dessert?


I waffled back and forth on dessert because I wasn’t quite sure what sounded good.  Part of me wanted the soufflé, because, after all, I’m obsessed with soufflés.  But then there was a dessert with banana and how could I pass that up?  In the end, the waiter helped me out by telling me that the frozen soufflé was more like a frozen parfait and not really soufflé.  So, I chose to order the crusty banana noisette tart with hazelnut streusel.  The dessert is supposed to come with bourbon raisin ice cream, but I asked for mine without it.  And boy am I glad I ordered this dessert as it was probably my most favorite dessert of the whole cruise.  The banana noisette tart was delicious with subtle hints of banana throughout the tart filling and even some frozen banana bits.  But what put this dessert over the top was the hazelnut streusel on top, it was so yummy and delicious and really added a great contrast in flavor and texture to the tart.  I probably could have eaten 2 more pieces of this tart!


My husband opted to order the chocolate brandy cake with raspberry coulis.  Again, though my husband isn’t a big chocolate fan, he really did like this cake.  I think that the brandy in the cake helped to keep it moist and flavorful and the raspberry coulis helped to give the cake a bit of tartness.  The chocolate wasn’t too sweet and it wasn’t too bitter, so that made it just perfect for my husband.

Today was a good food day.  A little taste of Vietnam with some delicious and authentic Vietnamese iced coffee in a beautiful setting with great company, followed by yummy Vietnamese pho good enough for the President and ending with the best dessert I’ve had yet on this cruise!  I’m certainly looking forward to relaxing on our final day of the cruise at sea.

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