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Cruise Dinner: Day 4

October 11, 2013

Ok, so I know I’ve just been going from one cruise dinner to the next.  It’s a bit boring and monotonous, especially since there really was 2 full sea days before we saw land again.  And maybe you’re wondering what happened to breakfast and lunch.  Well, for breakfast, we always dined in the Horizon Court, the ship’s buffet located on the top deck.  It was your typical eggs, toast, pastries, waffles, bacon, sausage, nothing special or different, so I chose not to document it here.  And for lunch we often grabbed food from the Grill located out on the pool deck, so we’d get cheeseburgers and hot dogs and French fries.  Again, nothing special and certainly nothing to write home (or on a blog) about.  Tonight wasn’t just any normal dinner on the ship, but rather it was Formal Night.  Formal Night is the night that most guest look forward to (and some dread) because you’re encouraged to dress to the nines, which means suit & tie or tuxedo and cocktail dresses for ball gowns for the ladies.  Essentially, it’s supposed to be a black tie affair.  The ship has a certain atmosphere about it during Formal Night, the spas are crazy with appointments for hair and nails and more, there are photographers set up everywhere to take formal portraits, and even the dining rooms go fancy and spruce up their menus to be ultra luxurious.


For tonight’s dinner, we did indeed have some special items on the menu.  First and foremost, it was lobster night!  And that was a welcome surprise as we didn’t have lobster night on our cruise last year in Scandinavia, and lobster night is generally the most anticipated food night


First up, for his appetizer, my husband took the jumbo prawns with creamy brandied cocktail sauce.  I was a bit surprised with this choice as my husband isn’t the biggest shrimp fan, and especially not shrimp cocktail.  But, I think he actually liked these prawns because the brandied cocktail sauce came on the side, and the shrimp weren’t actually swimming in the cocktail sauce.  I know he definitely commented on the fact that the prawns were huge!  It must have been decent enough.


I went with a Japanese dish for my appetizer tonight.  What I ordered was agedashi tofu, which was described as a crisped tofu cube with hot tempura sauce served tableside.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but crispy tofu and tempura sauce couldn’t be terrible. And in fact, it was delicious.  The crisp on the outside, super tender on the inside, tofu cube topped with minced chives and grated daikon was brought out on a plate, and then at the table, a little bit of hot tempura sauce was poured in.  I’ve never had anything like this before, but you can believe that if I ever saw something like this on a menu again, I wouldn’t hesitate to order it.  It was so silky and tender on the inside and the hot tempura was perfect sauce to pair the crispy tofu with.


For the soup course, my husband ordered the roasted sweet garlic soup with rosemary and croutons.  I had intended to give it a try to see how it was since I love garlic, but considering the soup I ordered, I didn’t necessarily think the two would pair well together.  I’m going to venture a guess that it was pretty good and the garlic wasn’t too overpowering as my husband finished off the whole thing easily.


I opted for the other soup being served that night for dinner, the chilled strawberry cream soup.  Much like the previous soups we had been served, this one came to the table in a wine glass with a straw!  You have to love soup served like a smoothie.  It’s like killing two birds with one stone.  And these chilled fruit soups are tasty to boot.


My husband and I both decided to order the same main entrée: lobster tail and king prawns served with lemon and caper butter, green asparagus and rice pilaf.  It was formal night, and lobster night after all, we couldn’t turn it down.  This beautiful large lobster tail and huge grilled prawn was brought to the table.  To boot, the waiter comes over to each person ordering lobster and actually removes the lobster meat from the shell for you.  Great service!  The lobster tail and king prawn in the lemon and caper butter sauce were phenomenal.  Perfectly broiled succulent lobster meat and flavorful grilled prawns.  It was such a delightfully delicious meal.  One of the guys at a neighboring table actually ordered 3 servings of lobster tail when he ordered his dinner!324327

For dessert, one of my all-time favorite desserts was being served and I couldn’t say no.  Warm citrus fruit soufflé with orange-lemon zest sauce.  It smelled so fragrant when brought to table.  Once set out in front of me, the waiter took a spoon and scooped out the middle of the soufflé before pouring in the amazing orange-lemon zest sauce.  The sauce was tangy and sweet but not too overpowering.  This was such a delicious soufflé and perfectly cooked.  I ended up a stuffed and happy camper!


My husband ordered the other dessert I would have taken if not for the soufflé, the semi frozen cookie and cream parfait with honey-bourbon sauce.  It looked delicious, and since it was essentially frozen cookies and cream ice cream, I think my husband approved too.  And it looked so artsy on the plate too.


Along with the parfait, my husband also chose to order the strawberry and champagne sorbet.  What a beautiful pink sorbet it turned out to be.  My husband loved this sorbet because he thought that the champagne actually made the sorbet fizzy because of all of the bubbles, and you could apparently taste both the strawberries and the champagne in the sorbet.


As if this wasn’t enough food, as a treat on formal night the waiter brought a dish of petit fours to our table!  Yikes, we were already stuffed, how were we ever going to finish this?  But they looked so cute and so small that we figured we could at least sample some of these cookies.  And boy were they good.  We didn’t quite finish them, but we certainly tried.

What a terrific formal night meal.  By the end, all I wanted was to be rolled back to our cabin.  It was time to rest up as we were finally going to hit our first port stop, and our first sighting of land on the trip with an all day stop at Nha Trang, Vietnam, a southern beach resort city.

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  1. October 14, 2013 7:07 pm

    I am so very happy I discovered your blog! Your descriptions make eating sound like an exciting experience, which it always should be! Long live Ducky!

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