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Towers Lounge at Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers

September 12, 2013

During our 2 night stay in Hong Kong, my husband and I called the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers home.  We had a harbor view room in the Towers, which is actually like a hotel within a hotel separate from the main hotel.  Guests staying in the Towers have a separate check-in counter on the 16th floor of the hotel, with personal check-in personnel and comfortable seating while we check in, in comparison with the normal check in counter on the 2nd floor with all of the hundreds of other guests standing in line waiting to check in.  Everything from the start of our stay to the very last minute of our stay in the Sheraton Hong Kong was amazing and I have my husband to thank for that for putting in all of the leg work, doing the research, and booking us into this wonderful hotel.


One of the perks of being a guest in the Towers section of the Sheraton Hong Kong was that we got exclusive access to the Towers Lounge, essentially a lounge/relaxation area on the 16th floor of the hotel, with floor to ceiling windows looking directly out onto Victoria Harbour.


The lounge features comfy, plush seating situated around tables where people could gather for a drink and relax, or a couch set in front of a large flat screen TV where you could sit and catch up on the day’s news and events.


Along the far wall of the lounge was a coffee machine and a refrigerator supplied with beer, bottled water and soft drinks which was available to Towers guests 24/7.  Additionally, in the afternoon, Towers guests could relax in the lounge for afternoon tea as well as evening hors d’oeuvres, which included an open bar.  These were perks which we really took advantage of.


The second day we were in Hong Kong, I stopped by the lounge for afternoon tea.  I’m not much of a tea person, so I actually had a soft drink instead.  Bad, I know!  But when it’s that hot and humid in Hong Kong, and it’s the kind of humidity I’m not used to living in Southern California, beating the heat with an ice cold glass of soda was well worth it.  My choice for afternoon tea was either the traditional scones with clotted cream and jam, or a slice of their cake of the day.  I’m a cake eater with a sweet tooth, so when I was told that the cake of the day was chocolate cake, I couldn’t pass it up.  This delicious, and rather light chocolate sponge cake filled with layers of light chocolate mousse, and then dusted with cacao powder, whipped cream and a strawberry was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.  Cake, a cold drink, and a gorgeous view of Victoria Harbour was all I needed!


In the early evenings, the lounge serves Towers guests evening hors d’oeuvres and drinks.  There’s an open bar where guests can enjoy beer, wine, coffee, soft drinks, and some hard liquor.  Additionally, each night, there are 2, rotating hot food items being served.  Our first night in Hong Kong, we were treated to Thai-style fish cakes with spicy dipping sauce.  Being in Hong Kong, seeing authentic Thai food was the last thing I thought I’d see.  And I’ll attest to the fact that the taste of these fish cakes were pretty spot on, and pretty spicy too!


Our other hot item was Chinese bbq buns on puff pastry.  It was hot, crispy and delicious.  These items really did make for great hors d’oeuvres.  The second night we were in Hong Kong, the hot items changed to include chicken samosas wrapped in banana leaf.  It’s kind of a nice treat to have a pre-dinner snack.083

In addition to hot items there’s a nice selection of cheese and crackers, including a really delicious blue cheese, and I’m not even the biggest fan of blue cheese.  There’s also a daily soup that’s served, including a creamed pumpkin soup which we saw.  And there’s a variety of finger sandwiches.


And then there’s the healthy selection of small salads to choose from, including fruit salads, seafood salads and leafy green salads.

It’s just another little bonus to be able to hang out in the lounge, enjoy the lovely view, stop in for afternoon tea, or evening hors d’oeuvres.  Even if you don’t partake in the food or the drink, it’s nice to know that things are available.  It only helps to enhance the entire hotel experience.  The Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers is definitely one hotel I’d return to the next time we find ourselves in Hong Kong.

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