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Sprinkles Ice Cream

February 5, 2013

Sprinkles Cupcakes is known as as the original cupcake shop – especially in Los Angeles.  Many credit Sprinkles for having started the cupcake craze that has spread throughout the country.  Mention the name Sprinkles, and for most people around here, their mouth starts to water with thoughts of red velvet and cinnamon and lemon and egg nog cupcakes.  People would line up for hours, sometimes, in front of the cupcake shop in Beverly Hills waiting to get their hands on the cupcakes.  From their first location in Beverly Hills, Sprinkles has expanded to many more locations.  Now, Sprinkles has gone beyond cupcakes and has opened a Sprinkles Ice Cream shop.


The Sprinkles Ice Cream shop is located right next door to the original Spinkles Cupcake shop in Beverly Hills.  When you walk into the store, you’re greeted by a very white, and clean interior.  There’s a large, modern ice cream counter that takes up half of the interior space inside the ice cream shop.


On the wall that greets you as you walk into the ice cream shop is the menu.  There’s all sorts of different kinds of ice cream- related dishes you can get at Sprinkles Ice Cream shop, there’s single scoops and double scoops, sundaes, toppings to add, ice cream sandwiches made with Sprinkles home-made cookies, shakes, malts, floats at more.


One wall of the menu is a listing of the current ice cream flavors they are serving that day.  They have certain flavors that are served on a daily basis, such as the popular red velvet ice cream, cap’n crunch and butter pecan, and then there are special flavors that rotate through the weekly schedule such as chocolate chip, malted milk chocolate and blood orange sorbet.  Sprinkes says that they use only organic California dairy that is slow churned to make their ice creams.  To their ice cream base, selected igredients are incorporated.  Slow churning creates an ice cream that incorporates less air than large batch ice cream therefore making the ice cream “densly creamy and flavorfully intense.”


Then there’s the cookies.  Sprinkles makes daily 6 different types of homemade cookies that pair perfectly with their ice cream or combines to make the perfect ice cream sandwich.  These huge, chunky and flavorful cookies are on display inside the large ice cream counter that greets you inside the store.  The cookies are almost as good as the ice cream itself.  The cookie variety includes chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, salted oatmeal cornflake, double chocolate, peanut butter pretzel chip and fudge brownie.  And then there’s the display of mouthwatering fresh-made waffle cones and ice cream toppings.  This includes Sprinkles’ unique red velvet waffle cone, and cupcake tops that you can use to make a cupcake-ice cream sandwich.  The possibilities are endless.


I couldn’t resist getting myself a scoop of coffee ice cream in a cup with some whipped cream.  One bite and I was in love with the coffee ice cream.  The ice cream truly is dense and creamy and does have a very intense coffee flavor.  Sprinkles uses fresh brewed la mill espresso to make their coffee ice cream and you can really taste a rich and vibrant coffee flavor.  The whipped cream is also thick and home made.  It’s not overly sweet, so it doesn’t detract from the flavors of the ice cream, but it has body so that it stands up to the ice cream and doesn’t just start to melt into a liquid ooze when it hits the ice cream.  I would certainly go back and have more of their ice cream as this first experience was great.


For my husband, I brought home to him a pint of the blood orange sorbet which I figured he’d like.  It’s not ice cream, but it’s not every day you see blood orange sorbet on the menu and my husband is a fan of blood oranges.  Sprinkles describes the sorbet as “dairy-free citrus sorbet flavored by intense and zesty blood oranges with a naturally fiery hue.”  The sorbet was a very rich and bold red-orange color, much like what you see when you cut up a blood orange.  The flavor was terrific, not to sweet, and a little tangy.  My husband loved it.  He thought this was one of the best blood orange sorbets he’s ever tried.  In fact, I think he may have liked it better than having had ice cream.


And I couldn’t leave Sprinkles Ice Cream without taking a sample of their homemade cookies either.  I got the snickerdoodle for my husband, as that’s his favorite cookie.  Being someone who loves cinnamon, it’s only natural this would be his favorite cookie variety.  In fact, once my husband tasted the cookie, he couldn’t help but devour it.  He thought the cookie was well made, crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  My husband’s theory is that most places undercook snickerdoodles so that they remain soft and chewy.  But he liked that it was baked a bit longer so that the outside of the cookie had a nice crunch and bite to it, but yet remained soft and chewy on the inside.


I ordered the chocolate chip cookie for myself, I just couldn’t help it.  I’m a chocolate girl.  Sprinkles describes their chocolate chip cookie as “morsels of semisweet callebaut chocolate chips folded into a buttery golden-brown cookie.”  And boy was it delicious.  The cookie, like my husband’s snickerdoodle was crispy and perfect baked on the outside, and super moist, soft and chewy on the inside.  The semisweet morsels added the perfect chocolate melty goodness to the cookie.  It was good, I might actually have to go back for just the cookie, forget the ice cream.


Apparently, Sprinkles really knows how to get you with their baked goodies and sweet desserts.  Their cupcakes are good, and now that I’ve tried their cookies and ice creams, I know they are good too.  You may pay a premium price to indulge in the Sprinkles experience, but having a cup of ice cream or two every now and then won’t kill you and won’t break the bank either.  It’s definitely well made, and well worth it.

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  1. February 5, 2013 2:17 pm

    i still need to try the ice cream!

    • February 5, 2013 4:14 pm

      You must! It’s amazing. Not something I would get everyday because I’d have no money left, but definitely worth it to try!

  2. Heather Morrow permalink
    February 5, 2013 7:08 pm

    You should definitely send this review to Sprinkles. They can share it with their fans on FB, etc.


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