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Nordic Water Peace

December 7, 2012

During our way one day in Copenhagen, Denmark, my husband had snacks at Holm’s Bager, visited the famous Little Mermaid Statue, climbed to the top of the Round Tower, walked along the first-ever pedestrian street in Europe known as the Stroget, and wandered around Rosenborg Castle.  We still intended, before the day was out, to take a canal boat tour, wander the Stroget some more until we reached City Hall, and then spend the evening at Tivoli Gardens, the precursor to Disneyland.  All of that walking around town made us hungry though, and we were searching for a place to grab a quick bite.  As we approached Kongen’s Nytorv, or the King’s Square, the main transportation hub of the city, we saw a small Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop.


Now, I wouldn’t normally write a blog post about ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s.  After all, Ben & Jerry’s is a pretty recognizable ice cream brand, and I’m sure I have nothing more to add about chunky monkey and cherry Garcia that no one else has ever talked about before.  It’s not like when my husband and I were in Amsterdam and enjoyed ice cream at IJScuypje and had some of the most amazing blood orange and lemon ice cream.  Except, when my husband and I took a look through the various flavors being offered at Ben & Jerry’s did we see a flavor neither of us had ever seen before, and I would assume that most people have never seen.  So, of course, we had to give it a try, and I had to write a blog post about it.


Of course, when you look at a display of various flavors or ice cream, especially the creamy goodness that is Ben & Jerry’s, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to order.  Chunky monkey is a favorite of mine, because of the bananas, of course.  But coffee, coffee, buzz, buzz is also really yummy.  You almost can’t go wrong with Ben & Jerry’s.  It was no matter that it was kind of cold and windy that day, or that it had been raining off and on.  We had, after all, walked through most of the heart of Copenhagen, and had worked up quite an appetite, or I guess, more like a sweet tooth.


When we both scanned the list of flavors that were being offered, we both hit on something neither of us had ever seen before.  It was a flavor called “Nordic Water Peace.”  Unfortunately, the description of the flavor was listed in Danish, but we could understand that it was some sort of ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces in it.  So, we thought, hey, why not give it a try?  Looking at the ice cream in the display, it looked good enough, and it was something we could both agree on.  So we decided to split a cone.

After coming home, I did a little research into Nordic Water Peace and discovered that the description of the flavor is a sweet cream ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces, chocolately peace signs and a chocolate fudge swirl.

In fact, there was a reason neither my husband nor I had ever heard of Nordic water peace before as a flavor.  For the first time in its history, Ben & Jerry’s created a special flavor, Nordic water peace, that was designated as a local flavor, meaning that it was created to only be sold in the Nordic countries.  This was a collaboration between Ben & Jerry’s and the WWF as part of a campaign called Operation Mermaid.  Operation Mermaid is aimed at promoting conservation and preventing pollution of the Baltic Sea.  So, we were actually enjoying a unique flavor that could only be found in the Nordic countries.


The ice cream itself was terrific.  Due to the fudge swirled through the sweet cream ice cream, you almost ended up with something that was more like a light chocolate-colored ice cream with specks of vanilla ice cream.  However, when you tasted the ice cream, you could tell that it was sweet vanilla cream infused with fudge rather than being a bittersweet chocolate ice cream.  You get the great crunch from the chocolate cookie pieces, and you get the sweetness of the chocolate peace signs.  Though, I admit that since we couldn’t read the description of the ice cream in Danish, I had no idea that the chocolate candy pieces in the ice cream were shaped like a peace sign or else I probably would have tried to fish one out to take a look at.

All my husband and I knew was that this ice cream was darn good.  It hit the perfect spot for us on our long day in the city.  After having only ordered one cone to split, we kind of regretted not each getting our own cone.  We had said that on our way back from where we were headed, we’d pass by the Ben & Jerry’s again and we’d stop and get another cone.  Unfortunately, by the time we came back, we were in the middle of a rainy period and we stop.  However, knowing what I know now about the ice cream, I probably should have stopped.

If you ever find yourself at a Ben & Jerry’s in a Nordic country and see Nordic water peace listed as an ice cream flavor on the menu, I’d highly recommend that you order a scoop.  Not only will you get a very unique and tasty ice cream, you’ll also be helping to promote a terrific cause!


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