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Cruise Day 7 – Dinner

November 7, 2012

I can’t believe tonight is the last night of our cruise!  Waaaahhh!  Time always flies by in the blink of an eye when you’re having a good time, and then boom, reality hits you in the face.  I guess all good things must come to an end, right?  At least, tonight wasn’t just any old night on the ship, but rather it was our farewell formal night.  And formal night always means good eats!  There was one item that I hadn’t yet seen on the menu that I was pretty sure we’d have to have at some point in time, so I was hoping tonight would be the night.

Of course, we were presented with the Vitality and Alternative Selections menu.  But heck, I’m on a cruise, and I’m on vacation.  This isn’t the time to start eating healthy!

Then we got the Starters menu and I saw exactly what I was looking for!  The item I wanted to see on the menu was there.  Now it was a matter of whether or not my husband would order it.  The thing is, I didn’t want this particular item for myself, but rather I wanted my husband, who is definitely the more adventurous eater, to give it a try.

For my starter, I ordered the Hellesylt salmon cake.  I love crab cakes, so how could salmon cakes be bad?  Especially when I like salmon too!  Hellesylt is a small fishing village in Norway, which is often used in the summer time as a gateway to the famous Geiranger fjord.  The small village is also well-known for its salmon runs and salmon fishing.  Hence where Hellesylt salmon comes from.  The cake was sautéed to a nice crisp golden brown and served with a wedge of lemon and a dill remoulade.  The cake was then topped with a refreshing and tangy salad of tomatoes and red onions tossed lightly with a vinaigrette that helped cut through the heavy salmon.

My husband ordered the Russian Egg.  This is what I was looking for on the menu during our cruise, caviar.  Though, I wasn’t sure whether or not my husband would give the caviar a try.  But, in the end, he figured this would be his chance to try something he’s never had before, so he went for it.  In fact, when the dish arrived at the table, he actually made me try some of the caviar.  Not bad, just a little salty.  The Russian egg dish was essentially caviar atop a hard-boiled egg, which sat upon an ambrosia fruit salad and some greens.  At first, my husband was only going to have the caviar portion of the dish, but as he dug into the entire dish, he really liked it.  Next thing I know, he’s cleaned off his entire dish!  I guess he’ll be going for caviar again next time we’re on a cruise!

For my husband’s second starter, he order the Borscht.  Borscht is traditional Russian beet soup.  Though, when the dish was brought to the table, it looked a bit more like slightly red broth rather than what I thought borscht was supposed to be.  I always thought that borscht was a bit of a thicker soup.  My husband said that the flavor of the borscht was a little bland.

I also ordered a second appetizer tonight, the spinach and arugula salad, topped with raspberry vinaigrette.  The salad was served with tomatoes, feta cheese and leeks.  It was filling and flavorful and I loved the addition of cubed feta cheese rather than the crumbled feta cheese you see in most dishes.

Our entrée selections for our last night, at least to me, were a little less exciting and a bit underwhelming.

I ordered the Chicken Kiev for dinner.  Yes, there was definitely a Russian theme going on with the Kiev, Russian Egg and Borscht dishes.  The chicken was perfectly breaded and well done on the inside and cooked perfectly on the inside.  The meat was succulent and juicy, and the accompaniments on the dish were simple and elegant without being weighed down with all sorts of sauce.

My husband had originally thought about ordering the chicken Kiev as well until he realized that I would be ordering it.  So, instead he ended up with the baby shrimp linguine.  It was a very simple dish, but flavorful.  My husband enjoyed the simplicity of the meal and was satisfied with it.  I guess being satisfied is the most important thing.

For dessert, again, I wasn’t overly impressed with the selections.  I was hoping for something with a little bit more wow, or pizzazz for the last night!

The berry tart was my husband’s choice for dessert.  It must have been pretty good because he finished the whole thing.  As I’m not a big berry person, especially not in dessert, I didn’t give the dessert a try.  It looked good though, especially with the roasted marshmallows on top of the tart.

My dessert was the Viennese Chocolate Cake.  In retrospect, I’m not sure why I ordered this as I knew I wasn’t going to love it.  Yes, this is a chocolate cake, but a Viennese chocolate cake essentially means that it is a sacher torte, which I’ve actually had the original in Vienna and didn’t like it.  Unfortunately, the layers in the cake are filled with apricot jam.  And of course, picky me doesn’t like fruit filled desserts.  So, after having a few bites of this cake, I realized I didn’t want it anymore.  Luckily, my husband swooped in and he finished off the rest of the dessert for me!

All in all, my husband and I had a wonderful time on this cruise.  As this was my husband’s first cruise, he loved it and now he’s been bitten by the cruise bug!  When you’re on a cruise, you realize just how pampered you can be; relaxing and enjoying all of the wonderful cities you travel to, be waited on hand and foot by in the dining room; have your cabin cleaned twice a day, eat like a king.  Essentially, you never have to left a finger!  We’ll have to see where the next adventure takes us.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    November 15, 2012 2:22 pm

    Those look like my kind of desserts, except for the marshmallow stuff on top… I had Sacher Torte once and I think it was one of my favorite desserts I have ever eaten.

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