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Cruise Day 4 – Dinner

October 17, 2012

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at Day 4 of our 7 day cruise, more than half the cruise has gone by.  Time really does fly when you’re having a good time.  After only a few short hours in Helsinki, we were soon sailing away from Finland and headed towards Russia.  The good thing was, it was time for dinner!

Here’s tonight’s Vitality and Alternative Selections menu.  I very nearly ordered the steak off the alternative menu until my husband pointed out that we would be having steak the next night as we’d be going to the ships onboard steak restaurant.  So, I refrained.

Tonight’s Starters menu offered a couple of wonderful selections.  Sometimes, there’s just too many to choose from!  I think this ended up being one of my husbands favorite dinner nights on the cruise.

My husband’s first starters choice was the Fried Camembert salad.  Camembert is a soft cow’s milk cheese much the same consistency as brie.  The camembert was cut into a wedge and deep-fried to a golden brown.  Served atop a bed of lettuce with candied walnuts and served with raspberry vinaigrette, my husband devoured it!  He absolutely loved the salad.

I chose to go with the oxtail and potato soup.  I wasn’t super impressed with the oxtail soup the first time around, so I’m not really sure why I did the oxtail and potato soup for tonight’s meal.  Again, I wasn’t the most impressed.  The broth just didn’t have enough flavor to it, so I ended up adding a lot of black pepper to it to try to give it some flavor.

For his soup, my husband ordered the chilled pina colada soup.  And he said he really did taste like a cold pina colada.  Needless to say, since he likes coconut, he really liked this soup.  I don’t think he’d ever had a chilled soup before we took this cruise, and he was really learning to appreciate them.

Here was tonight’s dessert menu.  My husband found it more appealing than I did, but he’s also a more adventurous and less picky eater than I am.

I choose the Atlantic Salmon En Croute for dinner.  Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of protein wrapped completely inside of pastry, the way beef Wellington is done, but I figured, hey, it’s salmon, it can’t be that bad.  The dish actually ended up being a lot tastier than I had thought it would be.  The puff pastry encasing the salmon was perfectly cooked and crispy.  The salmon was extremely flaky and flavorful.  I was expecting a so-so dish, and ended up with a fantastic dish.

My husband, also unsure of what to order went with the Mixed Grill.  According to the menu, the Mixed Grill has grilled lamb, chicken breast, English sausage and bacon.  My husband had never had lamb before, but was willing to give it a try.  When the dish arrived to the table, it looked fantastic.  Before I knew it, my husband had eaten the whole entire thing!  Evidently, he loved the whole thing.  He said that the lamb was really good and the sausage was delicious too.  He literally devoured it.

For dessert, we had several options to choose from.  I went with the obvious chocolate option, and my husband, not wanting to order the same thing as me, went with something completely different.

Belgian chocolate tart was my dessert selection.  How can you go wrong with a description that describes the dessert as a rich tart finished with espresso custard and filled with Belgian chocolate?  Yeah, you just can’t go wrong with it.  And it was as good as it sounds and looked.  The tart was flaky and crispy.  The Belgian chocolate was rich, but not overpowering.  And the espresso custard provided the nice bit of bitterness to the dish.

My husband ordered a dish called the Wimbeldon.  According to the description, the Wimbledon is a dessert filled with fresh strawberries, Champagne jelly, and a soft lime cheesecake.  I think the hint of lime is what drew my husband to this dessert.  And like his entrée, my husband devoured his Wimbledon.  He loved the flavors of the dessert.  He said that you could really taste the Champagne in the jelly, and the lime cheesecake added a nice tang to the dessert.  This was one of his favorite desserts of the cruise.

We certainly left the dining room stuffed after this decadent meal.  As I said, this was probably one of my husband’s favorite meals of the entire trip.  This was a great ending to a terrific day in Finland.  Now we had St. Petersburg, Russia to look forward to tomorrow.

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