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Cruise Day 3 – Dinner

October 10, 2012

After a long day in Stockholm, we were ready for dinner.  And, our feet were ready for a rest.  We definitely needed a pick-me-up and perhaps a sugar boost!

Instead of waiting for menus to be brought to us, we started our evening by ordering some drinks.  My husband opted for Coke, and while I normally wouldn’t be posting about drinking Coke, we both thought that the can that was brought to the table was interesting.  After reading the can, we discovered that the Coke can was from the United Arab Emirates.  Not sure I’ve ever had Coke produced in the UAE before.

I opted to order a non-alcoholic fruity drink.  When it was brought to the table, I thought that they did a cute job of making a heart out of the straw wrapper.  Pretty clever, if you ask me!

What I ordered was a berry-banana virgin colada.  It was pretty good.  I certainly tasted the berry, the banana and the hit of coconut from the colada.

Alright, fortified now with some refreshments, we were able to focus on the menus and what we would choose for dinner.

This was the Vitality and Alternative Selections menu.

And here was the Starters menu.

And the Entree menu.  Time for the selections now.

One of my husband’s starters was the vichyssoise.  Almost as hard to spell as it is to say!  Essentially, a vichyssoise is a fancy French term for a chilled potato and leek soup.  My husband thought this was fantastic.

My husband also ordered the international cheese plate which came with a selection of cheeses including cheddar, brie and blue among others as well as some crackers and grapes.

I had trouble decided on an entrée.  I was originally going to order the Black Angus Top Sirloin from the Alternative Selections menu, until my husband reminded me that we would be eating at a steak house in a few days.  So, I decided to have the Baked Perch.  Unlike my husband’s sea bass from the first night, my baked perch had no bones in it at all, which is good or else it may have turned me off!  The perch was cooked well, flavorful and flaky.  And the wilted spinach it was served with was delicious.

My husband ordered the Ravioli Mare Monte, which was basically ravioli stuffed with crab meat and served with a cream sauce.  Then the waiter brought over a bunch of shaved parmesan which he dumped into my husband’s plate with his blessing.  My husband would never turn down cheese.  But he did say that the pasta was good.  I think his comment was, “how could it be bad, it’s ravioli stuffed with crab meat!”

Of course, after dinner, it was time for the best part of the meal, dessert.

After looking at the menu, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to order.  When the waiter mentioned that the Cream Catalan was essentially a creme brulee, that made my decision easier.  I ended up getting Cream Catalan with chocolate ice cream.  The cream catalan was similar to creme brulee, but not nearly as good.  The sugar crust on top was quite thick and the custard below it wasn’t as good as creme brulee custard, but hey, it’s dessert, so I finished it!

My husband opted to go with the sweet almond and orange cake.  He said that the cake was moist and he could taste the orange, but not the almond and the anise that was mentioned on the menu.  But, like me, it’s dessert, so of course he’ll finish it.

Tonight’s special sherbet was pistachio, so of course, he had to get it.  Not personally my favorite, but as long as he was happy with his selection, it was all good with me.

We certainly walked out of dinner tonight feeling fully and satisfied.  2 days of the cruise down, 5 more to go.  We couldn’t wait to see what else was in store for us!

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