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Monthly Ice Cream & Cake Celebration

October 4, 2012

Every month, at the office where I work, we celebrate our co-workers birthdays and work anniversaries by having a cake and ice cream celebration.  Generally, this takes place on the last Friday of each month in the afternoon.  It’s a great way to get everyone out of their office so that we can spend a few minutes socializing, and recognizing everyone who had a birthday in that particular month as well as those who have reached workplace milestones. 

In September, we had a special birthday and anniversaries celebration.  Instead of doing it on the last Friday of the month, we chose to do it on a Thursday afternoon.  We used the occasion to celebrate one of our colleagues, who back in August, celebrated her birthday by going to participate in a taping of the game show “The Price is Right” with some family members.  Not only was she lucky enough to be chosen out of the studio audience, she won multiple prizes on route to winning the right to appear in the final showcase showdown.  In the end, she won the final showcase and took home numerous prizes!  As the episode just aired on television this week, someone in our technology department recorded it, edited it, and we all sat as a group and watched the episode and celebrated along with our colleague while we enjoyed our cake and ice cream.  It was a great time had by all!

All you need is a the lure of ice cream and sugary, sweet cakes and that’s more than enough to get my fellow workaholic co-workers out of their offices and desks!  Management does a good job in putting together this simple celebration by providing us with yummy delicious gelato in all sorts of flavors!  This month, you can see we had coconut, peach mango, and oreo among our choices.  Every month, it’s different.  We’ve seen coffee, strawberry, red velvet, mint chocolate chip and pistachio before.

On top of gelato, we also get a selection of ice cream.  Generally, we get a grocery store-bought brand of chocolate and vanilla and perhaps some sugar-free ice cream.  However, this month, we got a small selection of Sprinkles ice cream.  Yes, that’s right, Sprinkles, the company that started the whole cupcake craze has recently opened an ice cream shop and we got to try some of the Sprinkles ice cream.  We were given vanilla bean, strawberry and dark chocolate to choose from.  (and if you are wondering, yes, that is Captain Crunch ice cream!)

Then there’s the cakes!  About a year ago, my office switched to using a small boutique bakery that would advertise itself each Thursday with a booth at our weekly farmer’s market.  The company is called Moist & Creamy and their cakes are super moist, creamy and delicious!  Each month, we get different kinds of cakes.

This month’s option included red velvet.  I think we must get red velvet every month because it’s so popular.

A new one I’ve not seen in past months is Apple Cinnamon.  I’d assume that it taste like an apple pie or an apple cinnamon donut.

Carrot cake is always a popular cake.  Personally, I don’t understand why you’d want a vegetable in your cake and how it makes it taste better, but the cake always goes quickly.

Then there was Luscious Lemon.  I’ve tried this cake in the past and it is pretty luscious.  If you’re looking for a cake with a good balance of sweet, but also some tart and tanginess, this is the cake for you.

Another new cake I’d never seen before was the Masala Spice.  My friend Heather tried it and she said it was pretty good.  I’d heard of masala before as a spice mixture, so I knew that this must be some sort of spice cake.  Heather indicated to me that it was similar to a cinnamon and nutmeg-type cake, warm winter spices with a little bit of a bite.

However, my favorite cake fo the bunch is always the bananas foster cake.  The cake has all the flavors and spices of bananas foster.  It’s creamy, with cinnamon, and a touch of rum, but also a little dark espresso flavor and or course, caramelized bananas.  I love the cake!  It’s such a unique combination and they do it so well in a cake.

Our monthly ice cream and cake celebration is always such a huge hit with everyone in the office.  After all, who can say no to such wonderful sugary delights as cake and ice cream?

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  1. Amanda permalink
    October 5, 2012 10:29 am

    That looks fun! I have to say I would go for the bananas foster cake, too – that looks incredible. I like carrot cake, too, but not the frosting, but I don’t really get red velvet cake. That knife by the red velvet cake looks like someone murdered the cake, lol.

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