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Seaview Cafe

September 27, 2012

One of the hidden gems on the ship that we were on was a tucked-away, hidden little cafe known as Seaview Cafe.  While the cafe’s hours are posted in the newsletter we all receive everyday in our cabins, many people never find their way there.  The Seaview Cafe is located on one of the uppermost decks of the ship, all the way aft (at the back of the ship) and directly above the buffet.  While the buffet would be packed every day at lunchtime, if you had just stepped outside to the buffets outdoor seating area, and then walked up one flight of steps, you would have seen the Seaview Cafe which rarely had more than a few guests at any one time.

Unlike the food in the buffet that is cooked in advance and then set out on chafing dishes for pick to pick and choose from, the Seaview Cafe serves fresh, made-to-order food.  To cater more towards the tastes of the region, instead of having Cuban sandwiches and onion rings as other ships that have Seaview Cafe’s cook up, the Seaview Cafe on our ship featured a selection of Italian favorites to choose from.

There was a list of Grilled Paninis to choose from including a chicken selection, a vegetarian selection and a chef’s selection.  I never tried any of the paninis, so I can’t speak for how they tasted.

The Pizza Workshop seemed to be quite popular.  After all, pizza is a universally loved treat, and when you offer guests the ability to make their own pizza with toppings they chose, it’s hard for people not to be happy.  The topping selection included smoked salmon, ham, bacon, salami, prosciutto, baby shrimp, bbq chicken, pineapple, gorgonzola, anchovies, camembert, olives, spinach, asparagus, bell peppers and many other toppings.  Once ordered, the small, 4-slice pizza would be brought to your table in under 10 minutes.

Finally, there is a Pasta Station where you can choose from a variety of different noodles from penne to fettuccine to spaghetti to farfalle and others and pair the pasta with a variety of different sauces including carbonara, arabiata, alfredo and pomodore among others.

For lunch, I had a pasta made to order.  I decided to order something I probably wouldn’t think of ordering on land, so I went with farfalle with basil pesto sauce.  The dish comes to your table served with a slice of garlic bread (which is delicious and fresh, and you can tell the ship bakes its own bread!).  I loved my pasta.  So full of flavor and cooked perfectly.  (Obviously I was enamored with this dish so much that I ordered something very similar when we went to Macaroni Grill back at home.  See: Romano’s Macaroni Grill Revisited)

My husband decided to copy me and order his pasta with farfalle as well.  I had also thought that he would be ordering alfredo sauce with his pasta, but he surprised me by ordering quattro formagi.  But, I guess when I realized that his sauce had 4 different cheeses, I understood why this was his choice.  He too loved the garlic bread and was satisfied enough with his pasta dish.

Besides the pasta dish we each got, my husband and I also decided to split a pizza.  For my husband, I relinquished and we ordered the pizza with ham and pineapple.  4 slices was perfect for us to split.  It wasn’t the best pizza that I’ve ever had, but it was pretty good.  Actually, much better than the pizza we ordered from room service just a few days later.

All in all, my husband and I had a nice relaxing lunch in a very quiet and uncrowded dining room.  A much different atmosphere than the loud and crowded buffet just downstairs.  And true to its name, from the Seaview Cafe dining room, you could get a nice view of the ocean, which always creates a nice atmosphere especially when it’s such a beautiful day outside.  Seaview Cafe is such a nice relaxing place to have lunch or a late night snack.  It’s a good thing not too many people know about this place.

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