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Breakfast at Windjammer

September 25, 2012

While on the cruise, most mornings we found ourselves eating breakfast in the ship’s buffet area, known as the Windjammer.  While breakfast was served every morning in the main dining room where we have dinner, it normally wasn’t convenient to eat there due to time constraints.  Besides, having a buffet with various serving stations where you could pick your own food and plate it the way you wanted to was much more convenient.

The buffet area had a variety of different stations, serving a variety of foods for breakfast.  It was hard not to find something to eat.  After all, it’s a cruise, they know how to do food.

For those that enjoy made-to-order eggs each morning, there is an “Egg Harbor” station that makes omelets and fried eggs as you wish.  You’d step up to the counter where a short order cook would be waiting to take your order.  There was a sampling on display of all of the items you could include in your omelet, such as baby shrimp, bacon, ham, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, cheese and others.  Once you placed your order, you’d take a number.  Wander around the rest of the stations, and then come back in a few minutes and when your order was ready, your number would be called.  Easy, efficient and tasty!

Of course, you didn’t have to order made-to-order eggs, there were hot stations that had chafing dishes full of scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs.  Also hot sausages, bacon, ham, grilled tomatoes, beans, breakfast potatoes and many more items that I can’t even begin to name, or remember!

Do you usually start off your morning with fruit?  There was a station filled with cut fresh fruit as well.  You could choose from pineapples, peaches, watermelon, bananas, fruit salad, or fresh apples and oranges.  Of course there was also various yogurts and cottage cheese as well.  Healthy start to the morning.

Enjoy cereal?  How about a choice of about 12 different kinds of cereal.  There’s sure to be a variety to satisfy your taste buds.  And of course there’s whole milk, 2% milk, 1% milk and skim milk.  And there’s also hot oatmeal and muesli.  They think of everything!

What about breads?  There’s a station dedicated to toasting up white and wheat bread and English muffins.  But there was also a station solely for pastries and danishes, rolls, muffins and any other sort of bread item you could think of for breakfast.  You’d certainly not be lacking for carbs.

One of my favorite things to make for breakfast was Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  Belgian waffles were made fresh throughout breakfast and put out next to the buttermilk pancakes, banana pancakes and French toast.  Along with these goodies, you could also get hot maple syrup, powdered sugar, strawberry compote and fresh whipped cream.  Put waffles, strawberries and whipped cream in front of me and I can’t say no.  I had more than my fair share of these babies during the cruise.  Oops, lot of whipped cream there and not much strawberries!  What can I say?

My husband is a big fan of scrambled eggs and English muffins.  But also apparently breakfast sausages, buttermilk pancakes, a danish and a donut!  I’d say that’s a hearty breakfast.  Couple that with the 4 glasses of orange juice he’d drink for breakfast and I think he’s good to go for the day.

On the last day of the cruise, the Windjammer happened to be serving these fancy eggs benedict for breakfast, and of course, my husband can’t pass those up!  So, forget all the English muffins, danishes and donuts, give him an eggs benedict and he’s good to go!

Especially on an itinerary like ours where we were pretty much gone all day, out and about in port doing lots of walking, it was really important for us to fuel up every morning at breakfast!  Sometimes, we’d be so busy in port we never got food, so our breakfast would have to tide us over until we could get back on the ship in the late afternoon.  Too bad we can’t have this kind of breakfast spread at home all the time.

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  1. September 27, 2012 6:59 am

    Wow! Lots of choices for breakfast. Why not binge once in a while when you have the chance. We do the same when we go and stay in some hotel with that buffet breakfast. 😉

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