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Tenant Appreciation Ice Cream Social

September 17, 2012

As long as I’ve worked in the high-rise buildings in the area where I work, every year the management company in each building treats their tenants to some sort of appreciation event.  Sometimes it’s a breakfast that they host, or perhaps a dessert bar, or a catered lunch.  This year, the management company in my building decided to treat the tenants to an end-of-summer ice cream social.

Serve ice cream and give employees a legitimate reason to be away from their desks and out of the office for even a few minutes, and you’re sure to win over the crowd!  There’s a reason there’s the popular slogan that states “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”  There’s not many that don’t love a cool cup of ice cream, especially on a hot Southern California afternoon!

Last year, our building renovated the whole “look” of the outside of our building, adding a revamped motor court with a neat water-feature to it.  For the ice cream social, they decided to block off the motor court and hold the event there.  Tables were set up and tents were put out on either end of the motor court for serving stations for the ice cream.

The property management company hired caterers to come and set up ice cream sandwich and sundae stations for us.  We all eagerly lined up at one of the two stations and patiently waited until it was our turn to make our selections.

There were a variety of cookies for us to choose from to build our ice cream sandwiches.  There was chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut and chocolate white chocolate chip among others.  Although the cookies were decent, I would say this was a case where the cookies looked more appetizing than they actually tasted.  I chose chocolate chip for my cookie, my friend, Heather, who I was with, chose the white chocolate macadamia nut.

Once our cookie selection was made, we were asked what kind of ice cream we wanted to top our concoction with.  We had a choice from the usual suspects: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  Here, I broke from my norm and chose vanilla ice cream rather than chocolate, which I normally would have done.  But, I figured I was already getting a chocolate chip cookie that I should mix it up a little and not do chocolate on chocolate.  My friend Heather also opted to go with vanilla ice cream.

At this point, we were handed a paper boat, essentially, that had the cookie we chose on the bottom and topped with a huge mound of whatever ice cream flavor we chose.  It was time for us to finish our creations by adding whatever toppings we wanted.  Our choices were chopped nuts, chocolate syrup, chocolate sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles among others.

Here’s my final product: chocolate chip cookie topped by vanilla ice cream, and then chocolate and rainbow sprinkles on top with some chocolate syrup.  Sinfully good!  The ice cream was delicious!  Though, it was so hot that we really needed to eat this right away or else we would have ended up with a puddle of ice cream in our paper boats.

My friend Heather also loved her ice cream – here’s is the one on the left.  Ultimately, she got a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie with vanilla ice cream and then topped with chocolate and vanilla sprinkles.  She wasn’t fond of the sprinkles, so she scraped them off, and she also felt the cookie was just ok.  But the ice cream more than made up for it!

We enjoyed a few minutes out of the office together, on a nice end-of-summer day, standing at a table decorated with these festive and gorgeous centerpieces, enjoying a great bowl of ice cream and cookies, and it was all provided to us as a “thank you” for being a tenant.  I love tenant appreciation events!

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