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September 4, 2012

During a recent trip to Amsterdam, on a very hot, and muggy afternoon, that felt more like Florida in the summer than Amsterdam, my husband and I were looking for a quick treat to cool us down.  During our walk around town, more like a marathon that felt like we had walked mile after mile, we had seen an ice cream shop only a few blocks from our hotel that looked really good.  It was a simple and basic shop that offered a variety of flavors and looked like they made their own homemade ice cream.  Sometimes the simple and basic stores are the best kind, because do you really need all the bells and whistles when all you are looking for is ice cream?  So, after having passed the store on stroll through Amsterdam for the 3rd time, we decided to stop in and give IJScuypje a try!  (What a name, huh?  I had originally thought it was Yscupje!)

IJScuypje is a local Dutch home-made ice cream store that was started in 2007 using local Dutch dairy products mixed with fresh ingredients to create a rich, and full-bodied ice cream.  IJScuypje currently has 4 locations in Amsterdam, and one in Haarlem.  Using fresh delivered Dutch milk and cream, IJScuypje combines these ingredients with fresh fruit and nuts to create homemade ice cream using an authentic Dutch recipe.  The ice cream mixture is then churned in old-fashioned ice cream machines to below freezing to create a creamy, soft ice cream that mixes both contemporary tastes with classic flavors.  In Dutch, “ijscuypje” actually means “a cup of ice” and the creamy mixture you get at the shop feels more like a cup of ice, or creamy gelato rather than ice cream as we think of it here in the US.

As soon as we walked into the shop and looked at the board with all of the flavors, my husband knew exactly what he wanted to order.  Offering flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, mint chocolate, orange, and coffee among others, there’s a flavor to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

My husband chose 2 scoops of blood orange as his selection.  2 scoops into their small cup (or cone, if you choose) is considered a small for them.  But it was the perfect size to cool us down and refresh us from our long journey through the city.  My husband said that the blood orange was fantastic.  He loved that you could actually taste the fruit and it wasn’t weighed down with added sugars or other flavorings.  Also, he loved the creamy texture of the ice cream.

For my 2 scoops, I chose 2 different flavors.  I decided to go outside my norm, which would have been to take chocolate or coffee.  I figured this was my opportunity to try different flavors, so I went with a scoop of lemon and a scoop of orange melon.  The orange melon flavor was actually cantaloupe and was fantastic.  It was naturally sweet from the melon, but not too sweet.  I would have to agree with my husband that the creamy texture of the ice cream was fantastic.  The lemon was amazing!  Bar none some of the best ice cream I’ve had.  It tasted all natural.  And my husband and I both loved the fact that the lemon was strong and tart rather than disgustingly sweet.  The ice cream tasted more like tart frozen lemonade rather than any sort of lemon ice cream I’ve ever had.

For the next time I’m in Amsterdam, or for that matter, if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, you’ve got to try the IJScuypje ice cream!  You won’t regret it.  My only regret was that we only had time to each have one cup of ice cream!  Give a girl and a guy, a cup of this wonderful ice cream after having wandered on tired legs all over the city after having just traveled 12 hours by plane from Los Angeles to Amsterdam and we’re happy campers!


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