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The Buffet at Wynn

August 28, 2012

Recently, my husband and I went on a quick weekend getaway to Las Vegas.  Living in Southern California, Vegas is a one-hour flight, or 4-hour drive away.  It’s basically a weekend playground for Southern Californians.  Ok, so the drive to get there actually took 6 hours this time due to some traffic, but that didn’t dampen our spirits.  The reason we decided to go away to Vegas was that my husband actually received an offer in the mail for a 2 night stay at the Wynn Resort on the Las Vegas Strip that was just too good to pass up.  Due to availability, we were actually able to upgrade from a deluxe king room at the Wynn to a resort suite king room at the Encore, Wynn’s sister/adjacent property which opened up in 2008.  As part of our hotel package, among other things, we were given complimentary passes to the Buffet at the Wynn.

Las Vegas and buffets are legendary and go hand-in-hand.  Sin City has always been known for its gluttony, and what better way to fill up your belly than through an endless sea of food that you find at the buffet.  However, in recent years, the buffets in Las Vegas have gone from your boring, cafeteria-style set up, with boring food to match, to glamorous, high-end joints, showcasing food from around the world.  The Buffet at the Wynn is one of those high-class buffets that comes with a hefty price to match it.  Luckily for us, the meal was included in our hotel package.

When you step into the buffet, you’re immediately greeted by one of the prettiest dining areas I’ve ever seen at a buffet.  With a glass-topped roof, which allows the sun on the Vegas Strip to shine through and illuminate the area 365 days a year, this dining area is light, bright and airy.  Additionally, there are several impressive, floor-to-ceiling displays of flowers, fruits, and vegetables put together in a whimsical way to create dramatic effect when you first see it.

Once you’re seated in the dining room, after having waited through the 30- to 60- minute line for the Buffet, your choices become limitless on what you can dine on.  The Wynn is known for featuring 16 live-action cooking stations filled with everything from omelettes made-to-order, Mexican, Italian, Asian, American, and so forth.

One of my favorite things about The Buffet at the Wynn was the Mexican station which featured these cute, individual homemade tortilla bowls filled with a cabbage slaw, and topped with pork carniats and a little bit of pico de galle.  Also on the sides were grilled jalapenos and grilled green onions.  The Mexican station also featured a wide variety of different types of salsas as well.

The American station was a hit with these cute creations of homemade corn bread topped with pulled pork and cole slaw.  There were also other well-known favorites at the American station, including my husband’s favorite, the eggs benedict.  As we were during brunch hours, you could also find scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon.

The shellfish section was hugely popular with their ceviche and shimp cocktail.

I loved the carving station which featured prime rib with the usual trimmings of beef au jus and horseradish.  But along with the prime rib, there was also maple glazed bacon.  It was peppery, and mapley and fatty and delicious!  Dish that up with some of their great mashed potatoes and it was a terrific meal.

There was also an Italian station which featured several types of fresh made pasta and pizzas, which were a real winner with their super thin crust.  There was also a station which featured lemon-thyme crusted Norwegian salmon on the carving board which was fantastic.  Another station featured a soup and salad bar, which had a fantastic Caesar salad.  The Asian station featured various types of dim sum, some stir fried noodles and even a congee station.

You can bet my husband and I both loaded up on food that day!  We had purposely skipped having breakfast so that we could enjoy our late lunch/brunch buffet to the fullest.  You can see my first plate was loaded up with prime rib, slab bacon, mashed potatoes, a pork carnitas mini tostada, some Norwegian salmon and some dim sum.

My husband decided to get a made-to-order omelette, some prime rib, sausage, and his favorite eggs benedict on his first go-around.  But believe me, we each had more than one plate and one trip to each of the various cooking stations!

But the fun doesn’t end there.  After the meal comes the dessert bar.  The Buffet featured a whole section dedicated only to desserts.  Each and every dessert was beautifully presented and everything was bite sized so that we could have a sampling of all of it!

I loved the gelato section of the dessert bar.  You could choose your own flavors and you got mini scoops of flavors that ranged from vanilla and strawberry to coconut, white chocolate espresso, and mint chip.  Then top off your scoops of gelato with one of the various toppings they had from mini  M&M’s to crushed oreos.  You can bet I visited that station!

Then there were mini cupcakes – red velvet, chocolate and vanilla, as well as a variety of homemade cookies.  It was sugar, sugar and more sugar!

There were also cakes, pastries, chocolate-dipped giant marshmallows, and candied apples.  The cakes you see in the bottom left corner of the picture above, with the green topping to them were mojito flavored cake slices which my husband absolutely loved and couldn’t get enough of.

My favorite dessert was what they called a profiterole (pictured above left), though I thought it was more like a cream puff than a profiterole.  It was sinfully delicious and decadent, filled with both Bavarian cream and whipped cream.  My husband liked the dark chocolate brownie shooters (picked above right), which was surprising since he’s not a huge chocolate person.

You can guarantee that my husband and I both left The Buffet at the Wynn stuffed and full for the rest of the day.  There was so much food, and it was so good, and our eyes were certainly bigger than our stomachs in this case.  But we enjoyed every minute of it and certainly thought it was one of the best buffets we’d ever been to!


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