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Yummy Cupcakes

February 29, 2012

It’s not a secret that I have quite the sweet tooth.  I just can’t say no to sweet desserts.  Cakes, ice cream, chocolate, candies, frostings, I love them all.  Bring out a cake and give me a choice of what piece of cake I want, and I’ll always choose the corner piece.  Why?  Because the corner pieces have 3 sides of frosting to them as opposed to getting a middle-of-the-cake piece that only has frosting on top!  That’s how much I love sweets.

Many months ago, when I was babysitting for a friend of mine, he and his wife surprised me by having a box of cupcakes ready for me to take home as a thank you for looking after their daughter for them.  I guess if you know me well enough, you know I love cupcakes.  And well, this friend and his wife definitely know me well enough to know about the cupcakes.  It was so thoughtful of them to have gone out and bought me something they knew I would love as a little treat.

When I got home and looked at the cupcake box, it had the name Yummy Cupcakes on it.  Their slogan is “The original Yummy Cupcakes…for those who know.  Since 2004.”  I was curious about them since I’d never heard of Yummy Cupcakes before.  But then again, in Los Angeles, cupcake bakeries are a dime a dozen.  According to their website, the bakery was the brainchild of Tiffini Soforenko who partnered with her husband and mother, left the corporate world and started a gourmet cupcake only bakeshop.  She says that she was inspired many years ago by visiting all sorts of bakeries that carried a variety of beautiful cakes, but always treated cupcakes as an after thought; so she decided to open up a bakery that only sold cupcakes.  At the time, in 2004, a cupcake only bakery was an unheard idea.  In fact, Yummy Cupcakes opened their first store the year that the world-famous Sprinkles Cupcakes opened their doors, and Sprinkles claims that they are the world’s fist cupcake only bakery.  So, even though cupcake shops are a dime a dozen here in Los Angeles, it seems as though back in 2004 Yummy Cupcakes really was an original.  Yummy says that they bake their cupcakes each and every day from scratch in their on site kitchens using only fresh, wholesome ingredients and no preservatives.  Today, the company makes over 350 cupcake combinations on their full menu, including a line of vegan cupcakes and sugar-free cupcakes.  Yummy Cupcakes has 4 locations in the Los Angeles area and has recently opened up a location in Istanbul, Turkey.

Yummy says that their cupcakes are a little larger than the average cupcake so that each cupcake has the perfect cupcake to frosting ratio.  With so many choices in store each day, 20 plus different flavors to choose from, it’s hard to decided what to get.  Their flavors range from classics such as vanilla butter, old school, carrot cream cheese, chocolate buttercream, coconut and traditional southern red velvet.  But, you don’t get 350 cupcake combinations without having some crazy flavors too.  There’s apple blue cheese which is a fresh apple cupcake frosted with a cream cheese and blue cheese buttercream.  What about bacon breakfast bonanza cupcake, a brown sugar cinnamon maple cupcake with bacon baked inside, frosted with a vanilla bean buttercream, topped with more bacon and finished with a drizzle of boysenberry syrup?  There’s also a honey mustard cupcake which is a honey cupcake with a honey buttercream with hints of mustard.  How about lemon tabasco, which is a lemon cupcake with hints of tabasco and topped with a lemon and tabasco buttercream.  Pepper & Salty sweet might be more up your alley with a vanilla butter and cracked black pepper cupcake frosted with a vanilla and cracked black pepper buttercream with a sprinkle of sea salt.  Here’s another one, the sour patch kids cupcake with a tangy vanilla cupcake frosted with a sour apple and cherry tart buttercream, garnished with a sour patch kid.  Yummy cupcakes has certainly taken their wild cupcake flavors to a new level.

That particular night when I tried yummy cupcakes for the first time, my box contained 2 cupcakes chosen from among their 22 daily varieties which they sell in their stores.  My two cupcakes were the traditional southern red velvet and the chocolate/chocolate cupcakes.  I had decided to be nice and split the 2 cupcakes with my husband.  I was even nice enough to ask him which one of the two he preferred to eat.  Not surprisingly, he chose the traditional red velvet cake.  He’s not the biggest fan of chocolate as a flavor unless it’s a candy; which is fine with me because I love chocolate-flavored anything!  I guess my friend didn’t want to be too adventurous in giving us some of the crazy flavors!

Yummy describes their red velvet as a traditional southern red velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting.  My husband described the cupcake as delicious.  He really enjoyed the cream cheese frosting and said it had a nice tang to it.  My husband also mentioned that the cupcake wasn’t too sweet and that it was nice and moist.  For a guy who doesn’t even like cake, or cupcakes, in general to say that the cupcake was pretty tasty is a resounding thumbs up from my husband.

Personally, I liked the chocolate / chocolate cupcake.  It’s described by Yummy as being a chocolate cupcake frosted with a chocolate buttercream, topped with pure dark chocolate pailletes.  I like that the combination of chocolate buttercream with chocolate cupcake wasn’t too bitter or too strong in its chocolate flavor.  The chocolate cupcake was nice and moist.  I tend to find that chocolate cupcakes are dry and crumbly more often than not, so it was nice to see that this cupcake was still moist and had a great muted chocolate flavor.  The chocolate buttercream was smooth and rich, but it wasn’t overpowering and it didn’t dominate the cupcake as a whole.  Sometimes chocolate cupcakes are way too overpowering in the fact that bakers feel the need to make it chocolate decadence and when you’re halfway through the cupcake you just can’t finish it anymore because it’s too rich.  But this cupcake was perfect in its balance of flavors.

With one of their locations being in Brentwood, in an area that I go to for dinner sometimes, I would definitely stop by the store and pick up some cupcakes.  If nothing else, they have tons of unique flavors which I would love to try.  How about banana chocolate chip which is banana cupcake with chocolate chips baked inside, frosted with cream cheese frosting and topped with mini chocolate chips?  Or bananas foster, which is a vanilla butter/banana/rum cupcake frosted with vanilla/banana/rum buttercream and a light sprinkle of cinnamon, how can you say no to that?  I’m sure my husband would love the blueberry pancakes cupcake which is a maple cupcake studded with fresh blueberries, frosted with a maple cream cheese frosting.  Or cannoli sounds really good, a chocolate chip cupcake filled with rich cannoli filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream and topped with mini chocolate chips.  Oh my, or there’s cream puff cupcake which is a vanilla butter cupcake centered with fresh whipped cream, dipped in chocolate ganache, garnished with a dollop of vanilla buttercream, a light dusting of powdered sugar, chocolate blossoms and a chocolate filigran!    The Elvis sounds great too, a peanut butter cupcake frosted with a chocolate/banana buttercream, garnished with a sprinkle of chopped nuts as an homage to the King’s favorite dish!  Ok, last one, the kona pie whichi s a mocha cupcake centered with coffee whipped cream, frosted with a chocolate buttercream, sprinkled with crushed oreos!  Ok, I really need to go to Yummy Cupcakes!

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  1. March 2, 2012 6:56 am

    Very thoughtful that your friends know your love of cupcakes about had that nice thank you gift for you. The mustard cupcake sounds a little strange but apple blue cheese sounds like it might be good.

    • March 5, 2012 8:28 am

      I agree, some of the different flavors they have seem out of this world and I’d try in a heartbeat, and others are a little bit out there. I saw on their website that this month’s featured cupcake is a Guinness cupcake in honor of St. Patty’s Day!

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