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Tri-Tip Sandwiches

February 27, 2012

I’ve now tried making Cube Steak sandwiches, which turned out fabulously.  And my husband and I have tried Steakhouse Pizza, which we both loved.  So, we decided to try to combine both items and make a tri tip sandwich.  The result was fantastic!  A virtual steak party in your mouth!

The idea is a combination of using the deli rolls and the onions and meat from the cube steak sandwiches I had made before, but instead of using cube steak, we substituted for the tri tip mixed with our favorite bbq sauce, as we had used in the steakhouse pizza.  When we combined everything to make this new sandwich, it became the perfect marriage.

The ingredients are simple: tri tip, garlic powder, pepper, salt, onion, bell pepper, arugula, Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, butter, bbq sauce, provolone cheese, and deli rolls.  Based on what each of us likes, my husband and I made slight variations to the sandwich.  My tri tip sandwich was on a grilled deli roll with provolone, onions only and some arugula.  My husband’s tri tip sandwich was with american cheese slightly melted in the microwave, onions and bell peppers, and no arugula.  The result was the same in the end, a delicious steak sandwich.

Start with the tri tip.  We bought some pieces of prime grade tri tip.  I’ve been told that on the grading scale for meat, prime is the highest quality you can get.  And I admit, it had some wonderful marbling in it.  I let my husband choose the meat as he’s a picky meat person.  We seasoned the tri tip with some salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Garlic is never a bad thing.

Thin slice the tri tip.  You want to slice it thin enough that it only takes a few minutes on each side to cook.  And try to slice as evenly as possible so that all the meat has the same cooking time.  Look at all that gorgeous marbling in the meat.  The fat is what gives the steak its wonderful flavor.

Next up is the bell pepper.  This was done for my husband as I don’t like bell peppers at all!  You need to remove the core and the seeds from the bell pepper and slice it up into long strips.  We chose a green bell pepper, but you can choose yellow, orange or red, or any combination thereof.

Melt a little butter in a pan and throw the strips of bell pepper in.  Allow the heat and the butter to brown and soften the bell peppers.  After about 10-15 minutes, the pepper strips will be nice and brown and the pepper fully-cooked.  That’s exactly what my husband was looking for.

The onions come next.  Peel an onion and slice it up.  I sliced up the onions about the same thickness as my strips of bell pepper.  This keeps everything uniform in size.  I melted some butter along with some olive oil in a hot pan.  Once it started sizzling and bubbling, I put the onions in and let them cook for a few minutes.  Make sure that the onions are covered in the oil and butter, this will help them brown and caramelize.

To the onions, I added a little bit of Worcestershire sauce and a little bit of balsamic vinegar.  Mix everything together so that it coats the onions, and then leave the onions alone to cook.  Stir occasionally so that the onions don’t burn.  After about 10-15 minutes, the onions will become tender and caramelized.

Time to cook the tri tip.  In a skillet with a small amount of melted butter, lay down the slices of tri tip in a single layer.  Allow it to complete cook on one side and then flip to the other side to cook the meat through.  Don’t burn it, or grill it.  We’re not making a grilled steak sandwich.

Once the tri tip was cooked, we removed it from the pan into a glass bowl.  It’s time for the bbq sauce.  Now, we didn’t use just any old bbq sauce we had lying around the house, we made this tri tip specifically for a particular kind of bbq sauce we had.  Salt Lick Bar-B-Que sauce.  When we traveled to Driftwood, TX and had one taste of their bbq, we were hooked.  We loved them so much that I had to ask someone to bring back a couple of bottles of the sauce for me when they were in Austin.

This bbq sauce, on this tri tip was the perfect combination.  And a little bit really does go along way.  We just drizzled some of the sauce over the cooked tri tip slices we had resting in the bowl.  Mixed it all in together and it was good to go for our sandwich.

All that was left, for me anyway, was to grill the bread.  A little dab of butter on the bread, and grilled on high temperature until the bread turned a nice golden brown and a bit crispy was perfect!  If you’re my husband, though, you don’t grill your bread at all because you don’t want the crispy texture.

For me, I took my grilled bread, topped it with some provolone cheese, piled on some tri tip and topped that with the onions, topped it with another slice of provolone, and add some arugula for some greens and some color.  That’s the perfect sandwich.

My husband took a different path.  He took his deli roll, laid down some American cheese, topped it with some tri tip, and then topped that with another slice of American cheese.  The whole thing went into the microwave briefly to help melt the cheese.  Next came the grilled onions and the grilled pepper and he had his tri tip sandwich to his liking.

Slice it up and serve.  No matter the toppings you put in your sandwich or don’t put in, or the cheese you choose to use, it’s the thinly sliced tri tip and the bbq sauce that makes this sandwich as amazing as it is.  I could have easily wolfed down 5 of these sandwiches, it was that good!

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  1. Malou permalink
    February 27, 2012 11:08 pm

    This must be so good, Alisa! I love the combination of the bell pepper and caramelized onions and over the tri tip, this is heaven. I should try your recipe one of these days for the Mr. 😉

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