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Whole Lotta Banana

January 27, 2012

Famima.  It’s a funny name, isn’t it?  Famima is the name of a Japanese-based grocery/convenience store that sprang up in the States starting in 1994.  In the early to mid – 2000’s they popped up hard and fast, seemingly with locations all over the place.  Though many of the locations I saw pop up seem to have faded into the woodwork with time, I still see Famima locations around every now and then.

Famima actually started 35 years ago in Japan as FamilyMart, in fact Famima is an abbreviation of FAMIlyMArt.  Anyhow, what does Famima have to do with something called Whole Lotta Banana? 

A couple of years ago, I worked at a location that was within walking distance of a Famima store.  My co-workers used to stop by there all the time to pick up food items.  One day, one of my co-workers pulled out of the refrigerator a dessert she had purchased at Famima.  She had said that someone else told her about the dessert and she had to get one.  As soon as she showed it to me, I knew I had to get one.  Once I bought one and fell in love with it, I knew I had to share it with other people.  Everyone I shared it with loved it!

It’s different and unique, and amazing!  It’s blow-your-socks-off amazing, if only because you can’t find anything like it anywhere else.  The dessert is called Whole Lotta Banana.

It’s almost too difficult to even describe the dessert, it’s almost one of those desserts you have to taste for yourself.  Essentially, it’s a combination between a soft and fluffy sponge cake, and a chocolate covered banana.  Sound weird yet?  It starts off with a whole banana that’s encased in pure chocolate.  It’s like that hard shell chocolate that you pour over ice cream.  The chocolate covered banana is then encased further by this light and airy sponge cake that’s shaped like a pancake.  So, it almost looks like a hot dog wrapped inside of bread dough.  In between the chocolate covered banana and the sponge cake is a layer of smooth rich cream, almost like bavarian cream you’d find inside an eclair.  Finally, as a finishing touch, each end of the dessert, where the chocolate covered banana sticks out, and a bit of the cream oozes out, it’s dipped in chocolate shavings so that the chocolate shavings stick to the cream.

Words can’t even describe how heavenly this dessert is.  Pictures don’t do it justice either.  When you take a bite into the dessert you get creaminess from the cream, sweet from the chocolate shavings, fluffiness from the sponge cake, texture and crunch from the chcoolate shell, and yumminess from the banana hidden inside.  Put it all together, and you almost have one perfect bite of banana heaven.

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