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TK Burgers

December 28, 2011

Until last year, I’d never even heard of TK Burgers before.  The first time I knew that such a place even existed was when I was reading the twitter update of a hockey player on my favorite hockey team.  He mentioned that he was stopping to pick up TK Burgers for dinner for himself and a teammate.  Naturally, I was curious enough to go online and Google “TK Burger” to see what I would get.  It turns out that this burger chain has been around for 25 years serving fresh, made-to-order burgers throughout coastal Orange County.

Their niche in the burger market consists of using fresh ingredients, nothing is ever pre-cooked.  They use a signature egg bun that’s made daily by a local Orange County baker, they only use fresh produce, their meat is delivered fresh daily and is never frozen.  Their decor and atmosphere reflects the laid-back, Orange County surfer/beach lifestyle they exude.  When you walk into one of their stores, every wall is covered in surfer billboards, tiki motifs, with tv screens showing nothing but sporting events or surfer movies.

I was thrilled last year when I heard that TK Burger was opening a location in Anaheim Hills, in a shopping plaza I visit often for the other eateries that are there.  I knew this would be my chance to give TK Burger a try.  Now, my husband is hooked.  He loves TK Burger, perhaps more than In-N-Out (sacrilegious, I know!).

Their menu is pretty simple.  You get a choice of char-broiled hamburgers or cheeseburgers, chicken breast sandwich, turkey burger, ribeye steak sandwich, veggie burger, ahi steak sandwich or the shiitake burger.  You can spice up your burger/sandwich selection with the addition of grilled onions, extra patties, bacon slices or avocado.  For those that don’t like burgers, there’s also a choice of a couple of different salads and corn dogs.  TK serves simple sides of either french fries or onion rings.  And in addition to the regular sods, they also offer beer and milkshakes.

The times that we’ve gone to TK Burger, I’ve always ordered a cheeseburger with grilled onions and avocado.  Talk about being a Californian!  You can really taste the char-broil on the hamburger.  And the burger patty is nicely seasoned with salt and pepper whose flavor really shines through.

My husband always order the cheeseburger with grilled onions and bacon.  TK’s signature egg bun is so soft and moist.  The egginess creates a light and fluffy bun, but has flavor that can stand up to the burger.

As our side, we’ve tried both the french fries and the onion rings.  We both, hands-down, agree that the onion rings are the real star.  Great crispy batter that’s not burnt and yet you still get the onion flavor.  Sometimes with big fat onion rings, they tend to get overcooked or don’t come out crispy.  TK’s fries, however, were just so-so, nothing special about them.

And I love their milkshakes.  They serve the traditional chocolate, strawberry and vanilla milkshakes poured from a machine.  But their milkshakes come out nice and rich and thick.  So thick it’s sometimes hard to suck up through your straw.

Now I see why TK is considered a burger institution by those coastal Orange County residents who have enjoyed their burgers for years.  I’m just glad I have one close by that I can get to easily.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    December 29, 2011 6:39 am

    I love burger place that have options besides hamburgers. Sounds like I would love this place.

    • December 29, 2011 9:57 am

      There’s another burger place that we’ve recently discovered that we like even better than this place. We’ll have to take you guys to some of these places next time you’re out here!

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