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Office Holiday Party

December 9, 2011

About four weeks ago, at work, we all received invitations to our company’s annual holiday party.  This year, unlike past years, there was some excitement in the air since the party would be at an offsite location.  Generally, the company’s office party has always been a nice lunch served in the office.  But, this year, it would be a party filled with dinner, drinks and dancing at a swanky Beverly Hills hotel!

We were excited because this would give us an opportunity to relax, enjoy the evening, and each other’s company in a setting away from the office; away from the telephones, the emails and any number of other items that distract us during the work day.  After all, my company spans 5 floors of an office building and has 300-400 employees.  During the hustle and bustle of the work week, it’s hard to get out and even socialize with co-workers.  It’s amazing, how in an offsite setting you end up meeting co-workers you’ve never met before, never seen before, never even knew that you worked with!

The setting for our office holiday party was the Montage Beverly Hills, opened in 2008, this hotel has quickly become popular with the rich and famous of 90210.  One of the more well-known Beverly Hills hotels, the Montage is located right in the heart of the dining and shopping scene that this area is famous for.  With over 200 guest rooms as well as 50 private residences on its grounds, the Montage offers a bit of European charm in the heart of Southern California.  The hotel offers dining options with restaurants and chefs that are known the world over and bars that have live nightly entertainment.  No wonder we were all excited to be having our company holiday party amidst this kind of a setting!

The night started off in a cocktail room with 2 fully-stocked and loaded bars open for our drinking pleasure!  What better way to start off the evening than with a little bit of liquid sustenance.  The cosmopolitans, champagne, beer, wine, mojitos, and ok, maybe a shirley temple or two were enjoyed by all while we mingled through the crowd and said hellos and happy holidays to co-workers we never really have a chance to hang out with.

Cocktail hour before our dinner also included some great hors d’oeuvres passed around by waiters.  There were bite sized crab cakes served with tartar sauce, enormously huge coconut shrimp on skewers, and grilled chicken skewers served with peanut sauce.  I think everyone loved the hors d’oeuvres as every try the waiters brought out was devoured in minutes!

Once most of the guests had arrived, it was finally time for dinner.  The doors to the gorgeous Marquesa Room, where our dinner would served, were thrown open and we were all awe-struck by the beauty and magnificence of this architecturally gorgeous and stunning room that would be ours to use for the evening.

Both ends of the Marquesa Room were flanked by a nice dinner buffet set up.  The food included a couple of different types of salad, a gnocchi, chicken and porcini stuffed raviolis, a penne pasta pomodoro station where the chefs actually cooked the pasta fresh, a selection of mashed potatoes with various toppings, grilled salmon, and a carving station including beef tenderloin and herb roasted organic turkey.

Then, there was everyone’s favorite, the dessert table!  We had desserts that featured chocolate covered strawberries (how could you go wrong with that!), dark chocolate creme tarts as well as milk chocolate cream, mini cheesecake bites, chocolate and raspberry cakes, mini pumpkin torts, assorted cookies as well as some other little goodies.

When dinner was over, the DJ that the company hired fired up some great dance music and the dance floor that was set up quickly filled up!  It was great to see everyone just let loose for a few hours, and have fun in each others company.  It was obvious everyone had a great time and the company did a good job in making this happen for us!

What a great way to kick off the holiday season!

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