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MaryJane’s at the Hard Rock Hotel

November 23, 2011

On a recent trip to San Diego, my husband and I found ourselves walking around the historic Gaslamp Quarter looking for something to eat.  We walked up 5th Avenue and perused through some of the lunch offerings.  We saw a few Mexican places, though my husband wasn’t feeling for Mexican food.  We saw a place called the Gaslamp Strip Club, but I certainly wasn’t going there.

After having looked around a bit, we decided to go back to the first eatery we saw.  It seemed like a happening place with a bunch of people eating on their outdoor patio, and after having checked out their menu, it seemed like the best option.  Even though the eatery was serving what they called their “brunch menu” and neither of us had really been looking for breakfast food, something about it just kind of both tugged at us.

We ended up at MaryJane’s at the Hard Rock Hotel.  When we first walked into this place, our thought was that this was a new, but made-to-look-retro diner.  We had no idea that MaryJane’s was actually affiliated with the Hard Rock Hotel, since the hotel itself was around the corner from the diner.  Everything in this place screamed retro dinner, from the space age looking light fixtures, to the diner eat-in counter, to the retro purple dinner chairs, and the speckled diner floor, to the retro rock star motif artwork on the walls.  But this place also offered great outdoor patio seating, as well as booths being equipped with their own individual tv’s to follow sporting events, to a really nice well-stocked bar.  Considering that MaryJane’s is located in San Diego’s Gaslamp, this place is probably hopping in the late night and wee early hours of the morning as patrons leave bars and clubs and find themselves at a diner.  The place serves the perfect food to cure a hangover.

I ended up ordering the Slammin’ Hamwich.  The sandwich is 2 eggs either over EZ or scrambled, with black forest ham, and your choice of cheddar, pepper jack or swiss cheese on griddled sourdough bread.  I love eggs over easy, and I hate scrambled eggs.  So, for me, the choice was easy.  My sandwich would be 2 eggs over easy, with cheddar cheese.  I was looking forward to ooey, gooey runny egg yolk getting all over the griddled sourdough and the melted cheddar and the salty black forest ham.  When my husband got his dish and he didn’t want his thin-sliced red onions and slice of tomatoes, I gladly took them to make my sandwich even better.  This was a great late morning/brunch sandwich.  And the runny eggs didn’t disappoint in the least.

My husband ordered what the diner describes as “the perfect cure for a hangover”; the breakfast burger.  It’s an Angus beef burger topped with bacon, American cheese, tomatoes, red onion, pickle, shredded lettuce and a sunny side up egg.  Talk about your ultimate greasy heaven, this burger is it.  My husband said that as soon as he saw that on the menu, he knew that was what he was ordering.  And he said that the burger didn’t disappoint either.  Runny egg yolk, hot hamburger, salty bacon.  He loved it.  It’s a grease lover’s delight.

The vibe of this retro diner fit in perfectly with the food they were serving.  Hot, greasy, fresh and tasty.

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