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Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

October 10, 2011

This blog is going to turn into a dessert blog more than it is a food blog.  Oops!  What can I say, I love my dessert!

I admit, when I go out to eat, the first thing I look at on a restaurant’s menu are their dessert selections.  After all, I need to know whether or not I need to leave room for dessert.  This is also true if I know that I’m going nearby a place where a good dessert shop exists, I’ll make sure I leave room so I can stop by said dessert place.

Ok, so one of these good dessert locations, at least in my book, is the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.  Luckily though, as its name states, this ice cream shop is located in Brooklyn, so it’s not like I can just walk around the corner or even just drive over there.  And that’s a good thing, or else, I’d probably be there ALL THE TIME!

Ok, so now you’re wondering, Brooklyn, Southern California? Huh?  What’s the connection?  Where did I find out about this place?

Back in 2007 when I was planning a trip to Manhattan to visit a friend of mine, she had suggested that while I was there she would take me to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.  Of course, that meant nothing to me.  I’d never heard of the place before.  She knew I liked desserts, so I figured she had to be taking me to a place that was good.  She had mentioned that we would walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and then we’d stop and get ice cream.  Hello>??!?  Walk across the famed Brooklyn Bridge, and get ice cream!  Yes, I’m in!  Unfortunately, all those plans fell through when I arrived in Manhattan and it rained on the day we had made these plans, so walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was kind of out of the question.  (On a side note, she did take me to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory – and that was darn good, especially with some of their unique flavors!)

Fast forward to 2009.  It’s mid-March and I’m back in Manhattan for a quick trip with my parents.  We decided to purchase tickets on a New York at Night to see the city lights trip.  However, we didn’t realize that it was going to be so cold in mid-March in New York City!  We take this tour sitting on the open deck of a 2 story bus at night driving around New York to look at the city at lit up.  While gorgeous at night, sitting on the open deck of a moving bus was FREEZING.  We’re talking it was 17 degrees outside!  BRRRR!  However, part of the tour drives across the Brooklyn Bridge and makes a 20 minute stop at the Fulton Ferry Pier to take a look back at the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty all lit up at night!  (It’s a gorgeous view!)  It just so happens that the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory’s original location is located inside a restored fireboat house right on the Fulton Ferry Pier.  Score!  I don’t care how cold it is outside, I’m going to try some ice cream.  I recall that right before we got off the tour bus, the tour guide had even said that it may be crazy since it’s so cold, but that the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory had some of the most amazing ice cream around.  I couldn’t help myself, I had to go in and get some ice cream.  And true to its claim to fame, this was some of the most amazing ice cream I’ve ever had!  I’ll never forget how cold it was, but also how delicious that ice cream was.

According to their website, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory only serves fresh-made, small batch ice cream at its two Brooklyn locations.  They say they only use the finest and purest natural ingredients.  You can really taste the quality of their ingredients when you taste the ice cream.  The ice cream is rich and creamy.  They make simple flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, vanilla chocolate chunk, chocolate chocolate chunk, strawberry, peaches & cream, butter pecan and coffee.  And when they say “chunk” we really are talking about fresh chunks of chocolate, and they certainly don’t skimp on the ingredients.  Their ice cream treats, such as banana splits, are piled high with fresh pineapples and strawberries and topped with home-made whip cream.

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory impressed me so much that on my next trip to Manhattan in 2010, I told my husband that this was a “must-do” stop for us.  He, of course, was skeptical that any ice cream shop could be a “must-do” because he figured that ice cream was just ice cream.  But, I convinced him that we’d take the subway over to Brooklyn and that it was just a short walk to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, by way of Grimaldis Pizza Shop (which has got to be one of the best pizza parlors I’ve ever been to!).  We absolutely loved Grimaldis, and were almost too full to even get ice cream.  However, we decided to walk the block or so down to the Fulton Ferry Pier just to take in the view and get some pictures.  Once there, we decided, what the heck, we’re here, let’s get some ice cream.  So, we ended up splitting a banana split.  That had to be one of the best banana splits I’ve ever had.  And my husband loved it too and now understands why I said that the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory was a “must-do”.

Since that trip, we’ve continued to talk about how the next time we’re in New York City, we’re going back to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for some more ice cream (and Grimaldi’s for pizza!).  Seriously, if you love ice cream, and you are anywhere near Brooklyn, head to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. February 23, 2012 4:51 am

    Awesome post.


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