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A spin on an American classic

August 26, 2011

When you think of American food, classic American food some of the things that come to mind are burgers, hot dogs, apple pie and mac & cheese.

At times, the good old burger can start to become stale and unappealing.  Burgers are a dime a dozen.  Virtually every fast food restaurant serves their variation on a burger from Burger King’s Whopper to McDonald’s Big Mac to the countless other varieties that exist out there.

When my husband and I decide to make hamburgers at home, we like to mix it up a bit.  So, we put our own little twist on an American classic and serve it in a way that you can’t find here in Southern California.

Our spin on it?  We make our hamburgers with bison meat; making it a bison burger!  There’s also the added benefit that bison meat is actually leaner than ground beef so it’s a little healthier for you.  But that goes hand in hand with the fact that ground bison meat is also a lot more expensive than ground beef.

Having spent 6 years living in Montana, my husband knew all about bison meat.  To a Southern Californian, bison meat is new territory.  When I had visited Montana, I had wanted to try bison meat, but it just never happened.  I was curious about how it tasted.  I’m adventurous enough that I’ve tried reindeer meat, so why not bison?  Surprisingly, not long after my husband moved to Southern California and we were grocery shopping on day, we saw in the meat department 1 pound packages of organic bison meat using meat from a farm in Montana of all places.  So began our love of bison burgers.

It’s really quite simple.  For us, a 1 pound package of bison meat will make 4, 1/4 pound burgers.  Divide the meat, shape it into buns, season it with a bit of salt, pepper, granulated garlic (we are a garlic loving family!) and onion powder and throw it on the grill!  While the meat is cooking up, toast the buns (we love onion hamburger buns), dice some onions and grill those, and cut up all the fixings!  Also, instead of ketchup and mustard or any of those other condiments on our burgers, my husband loves to make yummy thousand island dressing that we put on our burgers.We’re very basic with our burgers only choosing to add leafed lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and grilled onions.  Of course,you can dress your burger any way you choose; serve it with different kinds of sliced cheese, different kinds of lettuce, mayo, mustard, ketchup, bacon, etc.  Whatever your heart desires.But believe me, if you’ve never tried a bison burger before, you’ve gotta give it a shot.  If you are a beef eater, you’ll love bison.  To me, it has more of that rich meat flavor, with less of the fat.  It’s a burgers burger.  Now I’m so spoiled that we never ever make ground beef burgers at home any more.  Thank goodness for the bison farms out there producing this yummy deliciousness for me to enjoy!

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